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  1. I don’t think his stock has changed any since draft day, maybe down 1-3 picks
  2. I think it was a 5 run lead they had when they pulled him? So that would make me a little less concerned.
  3. I think he will be droppable in the near future
  4. Just my personal opinion but to me I think MLB experience is a better metric than age.
  5. He was a fringe player anyway and off to an ice cold start, time to drop
  6. Why won’t anyone get a hit in Milwaukee
  7. They are running a 4 man rotation until they don't have so many off days
  8. I feel like I'm missing something about India, why he isn't more highly regarded. I guess it's lack of power and steals, with mediocre defense. But I think he can do everything else at MLB level with some power upside.
  9. Last year PIA did pretty well, did they change something?
  10. I am not looking forward to being disappointed by Robles for the 3rd year in a row
  11. From what I've seen so far he's one of the top 3 hyped players already so I think his adp will be pretty high
  12. I'll take Kelce mid/late first, Kittle 2nd, Waller maybe late 2nd or early 3rd. Its a huge advantage and the RBs taken there have a huge bust rate.
  13. I'll be looking to go RB/TE or TE/RB next year in the first 2 rounds (Kelce, Kittle, Waller). Then draft at least 3 WRs in rounds 3 to 7. That was the winning strategy in 2020.
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