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  1. They had a good thing going with Ranger for a minute there. Now that they've stretched him out I have no idea what their best back-of-the-pen option is.
  2. To be clear he's not a good real life hitter AT ALL. But he'll run like a maniac when he gets on base. He had 3 hits yesterday but unfortunately had a runner in front of him for all of them 😒
  3. Same, shockingly. I think it's just a hot stream and I wouldn't be surprised if the wheels fall off at any time, but he's really had some good ABs the past week. While Gio and Gleyber remain on the shelf, he'll play most every day. If he gets on base he's going to run. Eligible at a bunch of positions. I wouldn't drop anyone important for him, but no reason not to ride the hot streak.
  4. Chapman to the IL...Green's been scuffling, Britton hasn't been right all year...Loaisaga time?
  5. aaand on cue Hembree gives up the 3 run bomb.
  6. Heath Hembree having serious trouble throwing strikes. Walked the first 2 batters, this could get ugly...
  7. Yandy Diaz can only hit grounders, maybe he can induce them as well? 🤔
  8. Girardi has said he wanted Ranger for multi-inning fireman work. He only put him in at closer as a last resort. Ranger rules, but I think this ride is over for now
  9. mfw Chapman pitches a 1-2-3 inning with three pitches thrown to the backstop and one ball to the warning track
  10. Green on in the 6th now for NYY. Getting pumped for a Chappie implosion come the 9th.
  11. I've watched a lot of his outings and I agree with the infield hits part. It's completely wild.
  12. Yep. My fellow Clase owners, we've had fun here, but I think it's about time to hit the old dusty trail...
  13. As a Yankees fan and a fantasy player still chasing saves (sigh) my money remains on Green, but it could quite easily end up being any of the three of them or even possibly Loaisiga. The one slight saving grace is I can't imagine Boone doing a committee, so I think whoever has success will run with it. (I still think Chapman gets the first shot, I just think he'll fail.)
  14. When/where did Boone say Briton will use Britton as the closer upon his return? I follow the Yankees beat writers daily and I haven't seen anything even close to that. Britton's as good a guess as any, but Green has been their most consistent reliever for years and he's not "precluded" because of one blowup. However, if the Yankees keep losing (if they ever start playing again...), Green's probably their most valuable realistic trade candidate. I still think Boone is going to try Chapman again first. I don't have any confidence it'll turn out well for him.
  15. Knowing Boone, I fully expect him to send Chapman out there first save chance after the break, but unless he somehow fixes his control, he'll implode again, and the Yankees are out of time to lose games and Boone is (hopefully) managing for his job. Green is a smart hold despite yesterday, and Loaisiga isn't the worst dart throw in the world.
  16. Barlow walks 2 guys on 4 pitches each, gets a K on pitches nowhere near the strike zone, and gives up a HR to Roberto Perez, he of the .138 BA. Good stuff, good stuff. 🤬
  17. Matheny puts Barlow in in the 8th. *sigh* Edit: This is the first time I've watched him pitch. This guy throw strikes sometimes, or...?
  18. He wasn't overpowering by any means but got it done 1-2-3. He's clearly their option 1A right now. Who knows (A) if that holds as their injured pitchers return or (B) he can keep performing, but as I've said before, worse pitchers than Heath Hembree have had decent runs.
  19. I might as well bookmark the Reds on my MLB package, their late innings are always must-see TV
  20. Looking at his advanced stats...he's 24th among RP in K%-BB%, which is pretty damn good. (Though his BB% is quite high.) One fun quirk is that his ERA and FIP (before today) match exactly, 1.99. So yeah, he seems legit!
  21. Found the answer to my own questions -- Girardi says they would have gone with Ranger. Girardi's not a committee guy, so it certainly seems like Ranger is the closer right now. Let's hope he can run with it.
  22. I mean, I'm glad Verdugo is a big fan favorite, but if you're cool with the Sox trading a top-5 player in the game for basically Nick Markakis, a backup catcher, and one top-100 prospect, then great! I would be livid with that return if it were the Yankees. But unfortunately (probably fortunately tbh) neither of us are GMs. (The real problem of course is that both the Yankees and the Red Sox have more than enough resources to re-sign their elite players and the austerity mindset that prevents them from doing so is completely ludicrous.)
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