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  1. My gawd. Is he vaulting himself into keeper status? What do the metrics say?
  2. Thanks all. So Puig concensus huh?
  3. 12 Team H2H 5x5 plus total bases. Who do you prefer?
  4. Rush, wouldn't have expected anything else. To be honest, I rarely keep pitching, but surely one SP kept is OK?
  5. My mistake, 1 from the remainder. I think Realmuto it is.
  6. I really would like to keep Ohtani, in lieu of who?
  7. 14 Team Roto KEEP 8 6x6 (standard plus OBP and Holds) Keeper value in parenthesis. Acuna (28) Harper (4) Machado (9) Baez (11) Snell (10) Dahl (14) Scooter (21) Pick 2 of remaining. Realmuto (3) Ozuna (9) Piscotty (19) Ohtani - batter (28) Mikolas (26) Realmuto will almost certainly be gone in rd 1, and I do not feel like dealing with the catcher position this year. Thoughts? Or adjust in any way?
  8. Thanks for the input. After a season, I am quickly falling for roto. The rotation is a concern. I kept only bats, my pitching was atrocious last season. I went SP immediately in the draft, but it was thin, and closers were nabbed with a quickness. Another 1,2 closers needed? It seems I need maybe 70 saves to maintain middle ground there. Any thoughts on my SB situation?
  9. ROTO 6x6 (Holds/OBP) 14 Team Keeper (8) Looking to be compete with a team that was dominated last season. No max acquisitions, streaming is very popular. Any seasoned roto enthusiasts that can point me in the right direction? I don't feel particularly strong anywhere. Saves are a definite issue. Bats C Castillo 1B Bird 2b Schoop 3b Machado SS DeJong OF Harper OF Ozuna OF D Santana Util Acuna Util C Hernandez Util Dahl Bench: Gennet, Winker, D Fisher NA Eloy Jimenez (and Acuna currently, have 2
  10. Good morning! 12 Team H2H Cats 5x5 Keep 2 1 bat (Correa rd 13), 1 arm. My arms are lacking Any of these pitchers worth keeping? Taillon rd 10 Bundy rd 17 Lynn rd 17 Duffy rd 14 Reed rd 23 Thanks.
  11. In a standard H2H redraft. He is having a fine Spring, to put it lightly. Where is everyone targeting him? Where do you hope to possibly nab him, but how high will you reach...If he interests you at all?
  12. So I made a mistake in rd value. Gary Sanchez is round 3. Benintendi is rd 8. Story, rd 13. Moncada, rd 18. All one less rd value than I originally thought. Any thoughts with this change? WHIR
  13. Thanks. Anyone else have any thoughts? Moncada doesn't make the jump to be an incredible rd 19 value, and no takers on Story at 14? Thanks again in advance!
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