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  1. Anderson is absolutely going to be a beast in Stocks next year, he's in line for 32-33mins in Memphis and could combine for close to 2.5-3.0 stocks
  2. DAR is not a PG, much more of a SG. Lin is a trade candidate if he opts into the final year of his deal he is 29. Dinwiddie has been the team MVP this year and it’s not even close. If he’s not a building block for them for the future I’m not sure who is, I get that DAR draft pedigree but I’m not sure he’s a better real life player.
  3. Two really good games in a row, hopefully keeps his FG% to 43-44% ROS . I see him as the long term PG for the Nets and not just a flash in the pan. 6’6” PG who leads the league in AST:TO ratio with solid 3pt range has value in this league
  4. Had another potential GW layup with 8 seconds left until RWB hit his own GW layup with 3 seconds left..
  5. Kid knows how to play the game, he’s going to starting in place of Ennis soon
  6. Ian Mahinmi if he's healthy will provide solid value in deep leagues, for games in March/April when he played Gortat played less than 25 minutes. They need his defense more to finish out games. Will avg 2.0+ combine steals/blocks
  7. Thats understandable, I'm how curious how dynasty owners rank the top 5 dynasty RBs right now and where Hunt falls on that list. Most of the dynasty ranks out there aren't up to date after week 2. It safe to say Hunt is in the top 10 imo
  8. I would rank the dynasty RBs Zeke, DJ, Bell..after that you have a group of 4-5 guys that Hunt belongs in (Freeman, Ajayi, Hunt, Fournette, Cook). Some would argue that Melvin Gordon & Gurley belong in that group but I dont, their terrible YPC says a lot to me.
  9. Yea i'd project 44%-45% FG for a guy that makes 2.0+ 3PMs is pretty solid, but like you said he doesnt offer much in other stats
  10. Looks like Atkinson will use him as their 6th man, should still get around 27-28mins as they need his scoring/shooting. Id project something like 14pts/2.0 3PTM with solid %s
  11. Just wanted to stop by and say I wished I hadnt traded George for Anthony Davis in my 30 team dynasty league..that is all
  12. Do you mean George? He probably means Hibbert bc George has already been in a nice grove this month, not sure why he's talking about Hibbert in this thread though.
  13. Another big game last night, even added 4 blocks. Is he just getting hot this month or are his numbers sustainable ROS? I don't watch many pacers games so not really sure what he's been doing differently now.
  14. It would have to be someone in the top 20, also depends on what position/stats you need for your team. Maybe Lillard, Rondo, Gasol ?
  15. I wouldn't say Goerge is a better version of Batum when he's full health, they are almost identical to each other when you look at their stats. Both guys are more 2nd-3rd scoring options on their team. Not sure who I would value more
  16. I dont think his value will take much of a hit, if anything I think his efficiency goes up. Im fine with him being around 14-16pts as long as he the keeps rebs, assists, stls & blocks the same. I think he'll still get around 35mins a game when Granger comes back, Gerald Green will probably play even less.
  17. Loving it, was concerned after those 2 goose eggs couple of weeks ago
  18. I own both George and Batum in a 30 team dynasty league, Batum's value is much greater than George in my opinion. He does everything that George does but better. Batum has the advantage in FG%, 3s, Steals, Blocks and Points. (Other cats they are tied). Batum is also getting about 5-6 more minutes a game. I still hope George can return top 30-35 value rest of the year, but Batum is top 15-20.
  19. I rather have the efficiency than him shooting 3s all day, hope he keeps it up
  20. CBS rankings are garbage, no one in their right mind would have him in the top 20 right now.
  21. What's his ROS outlook in 8 cat league? He top 40 ? Been disappointed with his 41% FG
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