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  1. Man, as Toronto resident and fan, I hope this isn’t related to a trade. If I were the Raps I’d let him retire here if that’s what he wanted. Keep him around to mentor guys like Flynn and whoever else, eventually have him come off the bench or whatever. I love the tenacity and grit he brings to the team, and if he’s able to pass on even a bit of that to the next generation I think it’d be extremely valuable for the team. Hopefully he’s just moving to some nicer digs in the city or something. I’d be really sad to see him go.
  2. You asked for a strong game and he provided. May you never lose faith again.
  3. As a KD owner I don’t know how to feel about the arrival of Harden 🤔
  4. Haha ya at first it’s kinda weird. Maybe he feels more like owns BKN while Steph owned GS
  5. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to how the numbers will shake out between the new big 3? Slight impacts across the board or something else?
  6. These complications make me happy I convinced my league to waive the entry fee for this year. It’s not quite as exciting without the chance to win some cash, but it would’ve felt a lot worse than it already does losing weekly matchups due to covid protocols. While not unexpected it’s still kind of amazing to see just how much more effective the bubble setup was compared to this mess. I wonder what the total rescheduled/missed games number will look like when the dust settles on the season.
  7. Depends on a few variables imo. If you can stash him on IL I wouldn’t trade him. If you don’t have IL, try to determine whether you think he’ll be out closer to 2-3 more weeks, or 4-6 more weeks. Then evaluate the strength of your roster and whether or not you think you can make the playoffs without him. If you drafted poorly and are getting crushed each week, then trying to salvage a playoff spot by moving him for a top 30ish player might make sense. If you think you can manage to win enough categories each week to keep your team in the hunt for a playoff spot, then I’d just hang on to him.
  8. This kid’s poise on the court reminds me a lot of Shai for some reason. It’s kind of hard to articulate, but both of those guys seem to have this kind of calm, relaxed demeanor as they navigate the court. It almost looks like they’re taking it easy, but then bam, bucket. I also love his confidence level. Seemed totally un-phased every time he took it into the paint while Gobert was lurking. I can see why Pop likes him so much. Makes me happy about being able to scoop him up in both my leagues this year. I can see him achieving a top-75 finish in standard leagues this year.
  9. I had a different understanding of the Kawhi situation but I’m just some guy who was reading reports on the internet. For all I know you’re right and Kawhi was being equally as brat-like as Harden is coming across as. I still don’t think Harden is doing himself any favors here though.
  10. It’s kind of amusing watching Harden continue to do himself no favors in regards to achieving his self-imposed goal of moving on to a new team. They gave him the keys to the car in Houston and he was content doing donuts in the parking lot. Then he gets bored and decides he wants out, and hilariously demands the only team he’s going to is BKN because they’re new and shiny with Kyrie and KD teaming up. He gives himself a lot of negative media attention by partying and reporting late to camp and whatnot, and now every front office that was thinking of dealing for him has to account for another p
  11. As a Raptors fan I hope they get outbid by one of the other teams. I don’t want them to blow up their core of young and improving assets to acquire some diva that doesn’t know how to win and will bounce at the first chance he gets. The Raps have built a culture and system where everyone buys in, plays hard in their role, and supports one another. Quickest way to blow that up would be acquiring Harden imo. No thanks.
  12. Anthony Davis puts up stat lines like few others, surprised he hasn't been mentioned yet
  13. I will see you Terrence Jones and raise you Irsan Ilyasova haha
  14. Just grabbed him off waivers in one league due to the fact he has 4 games next week. If he has an okay shooting week he'll be solid.
  15. As someone who’s torn a ligament in their thumb that sounds like an incredibly stupid idea, but then again I’m not a professional athlete and I guess also theres precedence with guys like Kobe playing through torn ligaments. Still, every time someone makes contact with his hand it’s going to hurt like hell, and it’ll affect him mentally as well. He could end up being more of a hindrance than a help to his team. He should just get the surgery and then come back in 4-6.
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