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  1. No. Keep Lynn. Did you see that start last night? Just pick up a hot 2b on waivers.
  2. H2h points league. I don't want to drop anyone else with a game today. Would you drop Mancini for Senzel?
  3. H2H points. Is it worth rostering Ohtani as just a hitter right now?
  4. H2h points 12 teams. Would you trade Matt Olson for Blake Snell? I have renato Nunez to play 1b. My pitchers are strasberg, paddock, urias, Richards,Javier and control.
  5. I'd be trading him. I can also keep McNeil in the last round.
  6. H2h points keeper. Tatis who is eligible in the last round for a 4th and 10th rd pick? Keeping Kershaw,Tendon,Gleyber,Suarez and Woodruff Quote
  7. H2h points keeper. Tatis who is eligible in the last round for a 4th and 10th rd pick?
  8. H2h points league. The pirates aren't very good, but play in a good park. Musgroves peripheral stats are a little concerning. Thoughts?
  9. H2h points scoring. One has to go. Which one would you choose?
  10. H2h Points standard league..Who should I pick up?Peacock or Musgrove?
  11. Answer you cowards! I think Archer,Darvish and Bumgarner based on upside.
  12. Keeper league points league. How would you rank these 3?
  13. Yeah.. probably going to be Eugenio.
  14. Daily set. I use a 10 start limit per week with a max of 9 SPs on a roster. if someone goes over the limit they lose the points from their best start that week and the 11th start doesn't count of course. I added games started as a category and set it to 0 points so it's easy to keep track of it. QS and Wins = 5. Hitting is pretty much standard. Hits=.25
  15. Why can't you keep judge over moncada or villar?
  16. H2h points league. Keepers are kept in the round they're drafted. Do you keep Stanton in the 2nd or Eugenio Suarez in the 18?
  17. H2H Points: Kela is still available on waivers. GIles has been more than underwhelming. Even when the Astros have leads they bury teams in the late innings. Should I drop Giles for Kela?
  18. Need to choose betweeen Wacha vs. CIN and Heaney vs SF. Who is your pick? I'm leaning towards Wacha just based on it's only Heaney's second start. Thoughts?
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