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  1. I'm keeping faith from the encouraging statements the coach made earlier in the year saying he's the future of the team and they're excited to use him (I'm paraphrasing here). Talent wise he looks like the 2nd best player on the team. He's missed so much time that they need him to play him so he can develop into the star that everyone knows he is.
  2. At the start of the season people would be siding with Kyrie here..Now it's a different ballgame..Kyrie has a long way to go before being a top 5 guy again..
  3. You won't get fair value. Some of the offers I've seen floating around for KAT make me sick.
  4. I keep forgetting we are on 2020 lol..I need a nap..
  5. Last year? you mean when he was in college, since this is his rookie year.
  6. I'd say Fox is better but it's close when both are healthy. Looks like Ball has finally become comfortable.
  7. dropped him after watching one game. He's horrible at D. Not sure his offense will be enough to earn PT consistently.
  8. Regardless what any of us think, when we see comments like this from the coach, it's hard to not get excited. Nuggets coach Mike Malone said it best when reporters asked why he started Porter Jr. "What are we waiting for?," he replied. "Michael Porter is a huge part of our future and tonight was a great opportunity to look into that future and get a sneak peak of what’s ahead
  9. lol wtf. trade just went through to get Siakam last night!
  10. I could go into detail about the reasons why you're incorrect about our league but I know I would be wasting my time. You come off as a know it all so I'll let you assume the league I'm in is trash and everyone is miserable. Back to Washington..I agree, I think it's too early to crown him ROY but he does have the tools to get there.
  11. No, league is very active and fluid. A lot of managers plan for the future so they like stock up on picks and young players. I wouldn't call it shenanigans. I think I traded Drummond/Tatum and my 1st round pick for KAT...Hardly shenanigans..
  12. It is..Lots of trading and draft pick swapping. One team has Luka, PG12, Lebron, Embiid, Jokic, Kyrie..
  13. Exactly..How many players are perfect in all categories? I'd like a list for my imaginary team.
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