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  1. I haven't hit the right weeks with him all year, either.
  2. 11 of 16 overall, and 6 of 9 starters this week. 16-teamer, so there wasn't much on the wire most of the year.
  3. Le'Veon Bell, Odell Beckham, Sony Michel, Brandon Cooks. Also known as my first 4 picks.
  4. Why is Ken Giles listed as DTD now?
  5. Why did Sonny Gray get pulled after 4 IP?
  6. Still not a fan of the Rotoworld Player News redesign.
  7. So, what did Chris Bosio say to get the axe?
  8. Good grief, Heaney. 5 runs allowed now...
  9. Mike Montgomery is a bum. I do not understand Maddon's fascination with him.
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