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  1. I like Winker but I think Meadows will probably be more...I don't know...Frequently used?
  2. Nah, I felt like it was a bad deal. I was doing mental gymnastics to try and justify getting Kershaw.
  3. I'd do it. When Goldy breaks his slump it should be good.
  4. I'm looking to improve my power at 2B and got offered this deal which I'm considering. Give: Correa, Syndergaard, Nola Get: Brandon Lowe, Kershaw, Felipe Vazquez I feel like I'd be giving up too much and buying high on Lowe's good start, but Kersahw and Vazquez would help what has been a lackluster pitching staff.
  5. Give: Lorenzo Cain, Sean Doolittle Get: Chris Sale
  6. I need to have the hockey coach from Letterkenny talk to my pitching staff. This is ******* embarrassing!
  7. I’ve enjoyed owning Alonso and McNeil. Mets are fun to own as long as it’s not their pitching. *cries in Syndergaard*
  8. It really sucks. Even deGrom right now. This whole first month is nuts. It’s like MLB is bizarro world.
  9. Is Thor even worth having anymore? It’s like every time I look he’s tanking my ratios and giving nothing.
  10. Grab Alonso. I think he’ll end up worth more career over career than Whitley.
  11. I’d give either Nola or Kluber, Lorenzo Cain, and possibly a bench piece like Yuli or McMahon. I’d get back Jose Altuve and Shane Bieber. I really like Altuve and Bieber but I think that Kluber and Nola have to turn it around. Hold or go for it?
  12. I think McMahon will get his ABs. Moose seems to be redundant and I think would be a safe drop.
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