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  1. Anyone starting or need a replacement owner for a Dynasty league on Fantrax or CBS that is preferably H2H Points? Has to be a $$ League - $50 - $200. Would love to do a contract/salary type league that is run on Proboards as well. Doesn't seem like many of these leagues exist. Mostly seeing ESPN and Yahoo. Send me a PM if you have something.
  2. Would need to be between 14-20 Team league (maybe 24 team). Startup or existing is fine. Must be on Fantrax or CBS. Looking for H2H Points league and must be a $$ league. Looking for a serious league where people are active and responsive. PM if you have something.
  3. I will tag on to this. Looking for pretty much the same!
  4. I am wondering which sites/lists are geared toward fantasy vs real life value?
  5. Curious on this, if it is Roto or Points?
  6. I am looking for H2H Points league. Would prefer between 14-24 team league. Startup would be nice but open to taking a team if I like the team. Definitely needs to be a money league and either CBS or Fantrax works for me. Wouldn't mind a league with salaries/contracts and deep minors.
  7. I am looking for a replacement for my 14 Team Dynasty League. It is hosted on CBS. 40 man rosters - 25 MLB Keepers and 5 minor league keepers. $150 League fee paid to LeagueSafe. Looking for active and responsive owners. Must be able to answer emails and trades in a prompt manner. Leave your email or message me and I will send League Details and the Team.
  8. looking for 1 replacement - 8th pick in supplemental draft. All draft picks in tact!
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