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  1. Yeah, Brandon Hyde said something about "taking some pressure" off Mountcastle, reminding him to breathe more in at-bats and he wanted to stack some right-handers in the middle of the line-up against Sheffield. All that may be code for 'earn that 4th spot'
  2. No back-to-back nights for Hirano yet. He remains the primary, but assume if he went the night prior, it's going to be Ramirez.
  3. I highly doubt it. Hirano is still the closer even though Ramirez is the future. (Ramirez also gave up a home run in this outing).
  4. Pair of runs and some bloop hits. Yep, he was pretty bad...but he's going to stay in that role for awhile.
  5. Those at-bats are probably going to come in the form of DH; there isn't too much room for him in the infield. Keeping an eye on the .412 BABIP.
  6. It's Hirano for the M's. Kendall Graveman is back and in the bullpen instead of starting...but before anybody asks....no, he will not. The closer of the near future is Yohan Ramirez, but that feels like next season if/when he kicks his Wild Thing Rick Vaughn tendencies.
  7. Is Senzatela for real (great against the Astros) or will a road start against the Dodgers poke some hole in these impressive numbers?
  8. Evan White just obliterated his left kneecap with a foul ball. Took him out of the game.
  9. Need to break your guy out of a slump? Have him face Taijuan Walker - guaranteed solo homer. (See Pederson, Muncy, Bellinger) thru 3 innings.
  10. Justin Dunn just took a come backer off of Corey Seager's bat right in the chest. Walking it off though. Caught the ball too.
  11. Good thing the M's have an off day tomorrow. Jordan Lyles just nailed Dylan Moore's right hand with one up and in. Moore staying in the game though.
  12. That is the second at-bat in a row Marco Gonzales hit Joey Gallo with a pitch. Gallo make fun of his mama or something?
  13. He made history though. His home run (435 ft) off Jesse Chavez is the first ever to hit the center wall beyond the 407 foot sign in Global Life Field history.
  14. A most logical assessment...and then somehow Dee Gordon is going to take his place for a night.
  15. This is now a popular stat begin thrown around - last time Detroit hit 4 HRs in the 1st inning was 1974.
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