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  1. Was offered Davante Adams and James Conner for Dalvin Cook in an PPR league. My line up is Wr: Hopkins/Evans/Boyd/Mclaurin/Dorsett/Golladay Rb:Cook/Ekeler/Jacobs/Montgomery I counter offered Ekeler for Adams but no bite. Am I stupid for not taking the trade? Thanks in advance..
  2. Very interested. Have played FB 1 season, 3 years ago and want to try it again... Can someone explain "6x6" or "5x6"?
  3. I would take Cook in the 2nd alll day. No love for Watson/Wentz?
  4. I did good but man, when Ben hit JuJu on that TD drive and Hopkins started to heat up (especially after that insane grab) I thought it was going to dicey..
  5. This.. Odds aren't in your favor. Pray the fantasy football God's are though.. Good luck!
  6. IMO I see Bell with 18-24 pts (with upside), JuJu 16-20 pts (with upside), and Alshon with 12-16 pts. Whatever happens sick back have a few beers and go get em! Good luck!
  7. With Brown out, I would take Bryant seeing as how bad Houston has been on Pass D and Bryant possibly making a case for his future in next season. Cooper coming back there are more mouths to feed in a bad offense against a more than game PHI defense that should control the game clock with check down and stellar run play. The turmoil in Oakland should be enough to stay away from anyone there, despite Crabtrees upside IMO.. Good luck!
  8. So you're probably down around 16ish after Elliott? I like Bryant's chances of coming up big tonight seeing as he may be looking for another team so he will want to raise his stock. 14-18 pts IMO And Ajayi is slowly turning into the "feature" back in PHI. If they want to keep the offense balanced they need to succeed in the run game, and I think they will feed him tonight. 16-20 pts IMO Oakland being mediocre on offense and PHI using the run game more often tonight leading to a low offensive scoring game, the gamescript should be oppos
  9. Thanks guys I appreciate the insight. My luck hasn't been too good lately I hope y'all are right!
  10. Currently up roughly 80 points, and i still have Bell 1PPR he has Big Ben/Hopkins/JuJu playing tonight. Anyone feeling my chances at the W?
  11. I'd feel pretty confident with Hopkins. Crabtree could have a nice game but with Coop back and all, I think hes hungry and wants the ball. Good luck!
  12. I have Bell, he has Big Ben/Hopkins/JuJu.. Up 80 points in a 1PPR league Not feeling too confident...
  13. Dude has 3 TDs on the season.. THREE. 5 receptions against Lattimore who is a rookie while in ATL. Now they're going in to the Superdome against the same rook who should be hungry to shut down a wobbled JJ. There is a long list of WRs I'd feel a lot more confident starting, but you go ahead and play your stud..
  14. I'm guessing you didn't watch his last game? Slightly injured JJ against Lattimore? I might take my chances on Funchess/Landry/Fitzgerald etc..
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