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  1. Yeah, took a sip of the ayahuascar, resulted in a bad trip of 6 ERs in 4 IPs
  2. I was about to post about him in the catcher scrap heap. He seems to have emerged as a good pick-up candidate that doesn't hurt your ratios as much as the rest. ZiPS ROS projections ranked by OPS: Name PA HR RBI AVG OBP OPS Will Smith 398 21 75 0.242 0.341 0.83 J.T. Realmuto 527 23 90 0.275 0.335 0.827 Salvador Perez 428
  3. I have a feeling he gets going today vs kluber
  4. What do you expect? They spent a 7th round pick on him. They need their roi.
  5. You expect him to start this year or just reliever?
  6. Steal of the (fantasy) draft. So sad I didn’t see this breakout coming.
  7. Oh, my bad. My box score app seems wonky with their tab formulation
  8. Why was he replaced after 2 at bats?
  9. You mean move one of those outfielders to 1st?
  10. Still starting tonight with winker back but batting 6th but it’sa righty so could be platooning with senzel vs L/R
  11. If the bidding is done by Monday, I would watch how he does this weekend in SF
  12. Narvaez looking like the best of the heap so far. Might have to drop Kirk until he gets more regular at 🦇🦇
  13. 3 ABs 3 hits 3 HRs 3 runs 3 RBIs
  14. Would they still sit him against a lefty even after tonight?
  15. I like what I'm seeing but isn't he only starting because winker is out?
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