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  1. Just grab him and let the details sort themselves out when everyone else is pissed you did before they could.
  2. Putting up strikeout numbers of a starter for the last couple weeks. Matter of time before he gets high leverage and holds. Not sure if he figured something out or what. But I’m buying.
  3. Just wish he would start enough games to qualify for that position.
  4. Big time encouraging start today. I FFWD through and had to stop a couple times and see him finish off some guys. If they can get something close to that out of Darvish 60% of his starts the rest of the season I feel much better and the rotation is one to contend with. Now they just have to decide if they are willing to let the up and down bullpen ride or go out and make a splash with Kimbrel to lock it down at the end 6th inning - Kintzler 7th inning - Cishek 8th inning - Strop 9th inning - Kimbrel looks good to me. At this point I
  5. I have all 5 spots filled and the likes of Clevinger, Tailon, and Glasnow eating up bench spots on top of that. This season sucks. Garver was a replacement for an injury and just killing it when he was in the lineup. Still could be a huge breakout season when he returns. No way I can cut him.
  6. I’ve been a fan for 32 years and I cannot stand watching D**vish “pitch”. Nibble nibble nibble. Walk. Walk. Give up double. Wash, rinse, repeat. Id rather watch a 48 year old Steve Trachsel come out of retirement on 1/4th Speed broadcast than a D**vish start at this point.
  7. I kind of like to multitask and listen or watch while browsing the forums
  8. Glad I was listening to MLB on XM in the car. Don’t know what I would do without that station and MLB Network in tv.
  9. Anyone else throwing in the towel on Josh James?
  10. Chaz Roe or Adam Kolarek. Both looked good in several H chances so far.
  11. This is depressing after the amazing results so far. Dark days in the Clev Fan Club today. Don’t even know how to replace him. Did not expect it to be this serious
  12. I. Am. Loving. It. Although regretting using Tailon as a keeper over him but I made sure to “overdraft” him(according to those in my leagues.) The last Indians pitcher I fell in love with had his mom defending him on the forums. He then had fangraphs jump on board with a weekly Appreciation society in 2013. That seemed to work out pretty good. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/295038-corey-kluber-2012-season-outlook/ Clevinger has even better eye popping strikeout potential going forward.
  13. I second this rec. He should be their high leverage guy and SP qualified in yahoo at least. ❤️
  14. On the same wood plank. Was willing to wait 10 rounds after Barnes for the guy every draft.
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