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  1. Pisses me off that the Sox damaged Benintendi's career. He had a ton of swagger coming up in the minors and into his first year. Cora acting smarter than everyone by trying to force him to lead off when you've got Betts the best leadoff hitter since Ricky Henderson. It's embarrassing that the Sox brought Cora back - here's a guy who thought he could con the world with a banging trash can scheme in the digital age! And listening to corporate plugs like Lou Merloni talking on local radio about how great a coach he is makes me want to barf. New England sports has become a laughingstock - tra
  2. I've been following the AL Central pretty heavily the past couple seasons, investing in Indians, ChiSox, and the occasional Twinkie. I want to lay out some reasons I think the Royals are going to compete this season. On the hitting side, like author Michael Lewis explains in Moneyball, sabermetric analysis shows that a hitters on-base percentage is the key indicator of runs created. The Royals went and got two low flying obp assets in the offseason in Carlos Santana and Andrew Benintendi. Santanas batting average was an atrocious .199 last season, but he showed crazy patience at the pl
  3. from an SI article: . . .. the same sources who recounted Easterby’s perceived coldness to Hopkins say it went further: They describe Easterby as the first, and most persistent, advocate for the team’s trading the receiver out of Houston. One of these people recalls hearing Easterby saying about Hopkins in front of small groups of people on multiple occasions in 2019, “We need to move on from that person,” without using his name. Hopkins’s trade left a void in the Texans’ offense and in the locker room. The receiver often led a call and response when breaking down meetings, c
  4. Every time I hear a talking head say "physicality" it's a smash spot for annoying my delicate sensibilities. On the other hand, I feel really good about the term "muffed punt".
  5. Assuming the Steelers win tonite, the Chiefs will try to win week 15 while hoping for a Steelers loss vs. the Colts. That would seal it up for them. Imagine them sitting their starters and losing while Steelers also lose and then having to finish the deal in a week 17 divisional matchup when they could have gotten the job done against the Falcons. And it's not like they can bench the whole team. Injuries can happen when teams try to get too cute, maybe not to a star, but to other key players whose expectations have suddenly changed. I don't see it happening unless the Bengals win tonite.
  6. Wow, first post of this thread. I hope Packer fans are fantasy homers or that their greatest wish is to see Rodgers hoisting an MVP trophy. Watching him drop back time and time again when running plays would have been nails in the Panthers coffin,- taking sacks, risking a loss or injury. Major ego and talent - yep. Selfless leader - not so much. “They didn’t do it for individual glory.” -Vince “The score on the board doesn’t mean a thing. That’s for the fans.” -Lombardi Quote
  7. I'm more of a fan after the tweets then before. He's proven to a be tough as nails at a position that hasn't seen much of his sort of toughness since Thomas Jones retired. And why shouldn't he have some fun with us gamblers if he wants to? Not that Goodell probably hasn't given him a scolding for toying with the cash cow of the Nfl. Let's face it, nothing has done more to increase interest/revenue while simultaneously destroying team sport fandom than fantasy. Why else would anyone tune into a Bengals/Jets Thursday night game? Unless you're the guy running out the Carr/Jacobs/Booker/Agho
  8. seahawks.com (I thought it was part of nfl.com) Gore listed as doubtful in this article posted this afternoon. But at this point I'm doubtful he's doubtful. https://www.seahawks.com/news/2020-week-14-key-matchups-seahawks-vs-jets
  9. nfl.com: The Jets will be without four starters who were ruled out Friday: safety Ashtyn Davis, linebacker Jordan Jenkins, receiver Denzel Mims and right guard Greg Van Roten. Additionally, three other starters are doubtful: running back Frank Gore, left guard Pat Elflein and receiver Jamison Crowder.
  10. Here's the language of the new PUP list rules for this year . . .. . Commencing on the day after the conclusion of the sixth regular season weekend and continuing through the day after the conclusion of the 11th regular season weekend, clubs are permitted to begin practicing players on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform for a period not to exceed 21 calendar day. and this was in the news about an hour ago . . . The long, awaited paths Rashaad Penny and Darrell Taylor have been grinding through to make their season debut may be ending. Maybe. Seahawks coach Pe
  11. Post-Jordan players were allowed as many steps as they wanted so that it might seem that someone could do what Jordan did with only two. Comparing stats from the two eras is apples and oranges. But this thread is about defense-
  12. Not saying he takes over this week. But he could be what Gaskin was if Gaskin can't get back to health. Chances aren't great but that's why he's only owned in 2% of leagues. And he has a different path to relevance then just "handcuff". Dolphins probably did not think that their run blocking would be so poor this year. That's why they gave Howard a shot at the beginning. Coaches soon realized that their most effective offense was pass-first, where a short passing game involving dump-offs to the rb is a big part. Putting Howard back there is like the Pats playing Michel: defenses ex
  13. Flores on Breida: "He's fast, he's explosive, he's tough. I think he's done a really nice job for us in the kicking game. He's gotten his opportunities as a runner. He's broken some big plays, and he just needs to do what he's been doing." Flores on Washington: "We watched him during the free agency process last year. I think he's got good vision, good run skills, can catch the ball out of the backfield." Chan Gailey on the running game: "Really the run game is more of a process of they are putting an extra guy in the box. So if they put extra guys in the box, guess what? We're g
  14. I think he will start producing better numbers in the next few weeks. It will be difficult for him to live up to his draft expectations but there are several thing working in his favor: 1. If you look at his 2018 stats you will see that the majority of his better games happened on the road; Steelers were less able to use the run/d strategy which they've used especially this season. Next 3 games are on the road. 2. Claypool said that opposing D's have been focused on shutting down JuJu in the slot, opening up the outside for Claypool and Washington. Teams are going to be focused more o
  15. worst owner in sports? One former team employee said that a video was made of Washington cheerleaders accidentally exposing their breasts during a film shoot in 2008. “Larry [Michael, the team’s former head of media] said something to the effect of, ‘We have a special project that we need to get done for the owner today: He needs us to get the good bits of the behind-the-scenes video from the cheerleader shoot onto a DVD for him,’” Brad Baker, a former Washington team employee told the Post. Baker said he helped edit the video, which was burned on to a DVD labelled
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