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  1. That's not true. There are legions of Raiders and USC fans.
  2. Nice to see some life, but I suspect he did this on most peoples benches. I might personally try to use this week to sell.
  3. That's right, although it's been against some laughable teams (Giants, Redskins, Dolphins, and Brees-less Saints). It's not a desirable opponent by any means, but I don't know that they've really been tested yet by a competent NFL QB.
  4. It sounds like Davante Adams won't play this week. Do we view him as a must-start? I have to imagine he's a good bet to see double digit targets with no Adams.
  5. It was a big hit straight to the head. He might have blacked out briefly. He seemed generally fine physically afterwards though - he jogged off the field and into the tunnel after his initial evaluation. It'll all depend on if he passes the concussion protocol.
  6. They seem to use him mostly as a receiver and in situations where they are likely to pass. That's fine - we don't really need him out there as a blocker on all their rushing plays.
  7. Through four weeks, they've somehow scored more TD's than my QB in two of my three leagues (thanks Cam!)
  8. He's such a fun player to watch too. The Panthers highlights are always my favorite NFL highlights to watch each Monday, and they are usually just a highlight reel for McCaffrey. Just when you think he is about to go down, he is seemingly always able to extend the play for a few more yards.
  9. Welcome to the Aaron Jones thread. It was like this last year too.
  10. Jamaal Williams was just carted off in a stretcher with a potential neck injury. He had movement in his arms, but it did not look good. Poor guy. http://www.wtmj.com/sports/green-bay-packers/packers-running-back-jamal-williams-taken-by-stretcher-after-helmet-to-helmet-hit/1125889642
  11. Not just this year - we're now four full games in a row without a TD going back to last year's Superbowl.
  12. This. I knew Pete at 'SC - he's probably the chillest coach in all of college and professional football. There's a reason why players love him, and why 'SC was consistently the top recruiter every year while he was there. He's basically the polar opposite of Bill Belichick. If anyone would be forgiving towards fumbles, it is him. I'm sure there is a breaking point, but Carson should still have some leash.
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