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  1. I would also join --- winner take all or what are the payouts? Giantjeff75@yahoo.com
  2. Is there kickers & defense? Your link is inop... have to change to public view setting
  3. Jeff - I did not get as much traction as I thought in 24 hours and I am going to delete the league, sorry for any inconvenience

  4. Joined & hoping will fill. Great Payout structure. Majority to 1st seems to be fading away.
  5. Got it thanks. Waiting on Leaguesafe link & payment to e check only to get it over with
  6. I joined if you could please change Leaguesafe to accept echeck only I will pay & message you ASAP to change back.
  7. I joined. Payouts can be crazy to negotiate between 12 owners so hopefully you can confirm prior to 11 opinions coming in. 60%minimum to 1st place is my vote if $1,000 & $200 is not to your liking. Let me know as this is my first league/team on the app/site. Looking forward to it😀
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