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  1. Hello RW brethren, My long-time NL-only league has an opening that we need to fill ASAP. With how hard it was to recruit local owners we moved to drafting online last year and it worked out pretty well. Here's the pertinent info for those interested:- 11 teams, 25 players per team (10 pitchers, 15 hitters)- 5x5 scoring (OBP instead of BA)- online draft date is 3/21, time to TBA (should take around 3 hours)- pertinent keepers on the team you would be inheriting - Yates $5, S. Gray $6, Darvish $19, Yaz $3, Story $39, other borderline types- entry fee is TBD; we used to do $300 but dropped
  2. Thanks for the link. Now that Sickels has moved to The Athletic and only submitted a top 100 (I'll miss his team-by-team ranks), something like this is helpful. That being said, Dustin May at #144, seemingly after seeing him dominate in spring training, is a bit suspect.
  3. Gotcha, wasn't sure if that data was available anywhere
  4. I'm not sure last year's ground ball rate can be taken at face value. He was absolutely on fire in AAA before his call-up, hit the ground running when he did get the call, then...concussion time. Of course those first 57 games could've been a fluke, but combined with the apparent swing changes he made in the offseason I could see 20+ homers with semi-regular playing time. In AAA last year he carried a solid 20% K rate and 11% walk rate so he had been seeing the ball better than he ever had in the minors. Of course things went to crap when he came back from the concussion, but he's not the
  5. Probably a valid question and one that I was asking myself when it happened. He was up to 26 pitches but his velocity seemed fine. Again, I think Kapler just overthought this one.
  6. Kapler might've overthought this one a little bit. Normally he probably would've gone to Neris since he's better against lefties, but he's been so bad lately that even that positive split isn't very good (.795 OPS). He probably should've gone to Ramos who dominates righties but also does quite well against lefties (.679 OPS). Morgan has the natural platoon advantage but actually has a reverse split (.737 OPS vs. LHH, .548 OPS vs. RHH). Morgan has been good in general but tonight might've not been the best time to try him out in a high-leverage situation.
  7. Sir's runners count against him unless they're erased on a double play, pick-off, thrown out at home, whatever. If his baserunners get out in a way where the hitter would've gotten out anyway (i.e. a fielder's choice) then the replacement runner should still be considered Sir's responsibility. If you replay the inning from Morgan's perspective, he allowed a walk, a force out, and a home run. He's responsible for the homer (of course) as well as the result of the walk/FC so he gets 2 earned runs of his own.
  8. Ha, whoops. I was responding to the guy who did all the research instead of just reading my post, not you
  9. Did you not even read my reply? I learned how to scorekeep from a young age, any and all questions can be directed toward me.
  10. Jon Jay - OF - Diamondbacks Royals traded OF Jon Jay to the Diamondbacks for LHP Gabe Speier and RHP Elvis Luciano. Jay was signed to a one-year deal by the Royals prior to the 2018 season, and the veteran outfielder performed well for Kansas City; hitting .307/.367/.374 with a homer and three stolen bases in his 59 games. He should get a chance to play regularly for Arizona -- especially when you consider the dearth of injuries to their outfielders -- hitting near the top of the lineup against right-handed pitchers. The deal should help his fantasy prospectus, and cert
  11. The correct answer is...nobody. Dominguez is probably the favorite to have the most saves by the end of the year but no one reliever seems to be the closer right now. If three righties were coming up instead of two switch-hitters and a lefty it probably would've been Ramos instead of Morgan tonight. If Dominguez hadn't faltered at the beginning of the 9th they probably would've let him finish it. Since they like Neris against lefties, he might get the chance next time they need to get some lefties out in a key spot.
  12. That's not how earned runs work. Just because it was "your runner" doesn't mean you're off the hook if he's forced out (wouldn't be fair to the guy following him). You have to replay the inning for the reliever who comes in and only assign runs to him that he created.
  13. Not sure what your definition of "shoving it" is since he put up a 5.85 ERA and 1.70 WHIP in May. I finally got so fed up with him that I dropped him in my NL-only - even if he does get the call later in the year I think he's going to get demolished. His last start was one of the few flashes of dominance he's shown at all in his minor league career - very disappointing prospect.
  14. Not sure how Turner's injury affects Barnes. He'll get a handful of starts at 2B but not enough to "prove he is a superior player to Grandal". The situation will mirror last year - if Grandal struggles and Barnes excels then the playing time split will flip-flop but as of now it's probably 60/40 in favor of Grandal and any change in that wouldn't happen for at least a couple months.
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