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  1. Even when this bum does get on base he doesn't steal. There have been times he's on less than two outs and doesn't run in situations down 1-2 runs, 9th batter up, like cmon I drafted you for one thing.
  2. I got beat by my opponents last at-bat of the day. A 3 run shot by Kyle Lewis!!!!
  3. Oh now Ohtani is done for the year!!! My team is crumbling..just hang on for 4 more days.
  4. Has the Angels on tap this weekend can we get QS here?
  5. Tough matchup to start the week. Hader been used twice past two days so I'm not sure about the bridge to the bullpen. Can the unfamiliarity with him catch the Stros by surprise?
  6. Bats usually go silent after explosion..start with confidence.
  7. Our commish locks those teams not in playoffs from making moves.
  8. Kapler let Velasquez stay in to give up 7 earned runs when he coudnt hit the broad side of a barn lol
  9. Pop ups flying out of the yard in Washington
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