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  1. Dont forget CY Young candidate, Ryan Carpenter. K'd Trout twice already today.
  2. Apparently the strike zone in this Nats game is anything above the hitters shoes.
  3. Crap, I was hoping Roark was done. Hope he doesnt lose the QS.
  4. Another day another 0fer from Goldy. All is right with the world.
  5. 8/10 with a walk, 2 HR, one of which was a grand slam. I cant remember a better day out of any hitter I've ever started. Can anyone point me to a better one day line?
  6. Waiver wire MVP. Thanks for getting hurt Andrus (JK, but seriously).
  7. Another day, another 0fer for Pauly Gold. Thanks for the run I guess? Amazing the D-backs are in first with him being garbage so far this season.
  8. He let Pollock borrow it while he was resting.
  9. I get to watch all of his starts. He got pretty badly squeezed last outing. He was getting visibly upset at some obvious bad strike 3 non-calls. Thats not anything like him to show emotion. He's been on the black all year. When he gets the calls he gets K's. Starting with confidence.
  10. Yup. I'm doing exactly this. Kimbrel, Bradley, Peacock, Ottavino and now Minter are in my lineup daily. Helps with retios and snag the occasional W or S. Also have a shot that 1 or 2 of them become full time starters (Bradley, Peacock) or closers (Ottavino, Minter).
  11. Whit Merrifield riding pine today. Normal rest day?
  12. Hes currently batting .000. Anyone else ready to drop this bum?
  13. I dont know, it worked out pretty well last year for anyone who picked up Zimmer and Bellinger.
  14. Just had a 12-0 lead with opponent having no starters going. No need to start.
  15. Benintendi a homer short of the cycle. Nice to see, hes had a good week.
  16. Hard to tell if theyll get it in looking at the weather map. Anyone in Cleveland have eyes on the weather? https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/ohio/weather-radar
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