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  1. That's pretty dumb. He has played well enough this year to go from practice squad rb to starter in 3 games. But hey if you want to ignore what he has done this season and decide he is terrible because he didn't get an opportunity his rookie season then you do you.
  2. Thomas Rawls, Elijah McGuire, or Jamaal Williams in PPR?
  3. Thoughts? Could also replace Smallwood with Buck Allen.
  4. Wait, are you saying he can take over the pass catching role from Buck? I know very little about Collins as a player. Does his skill set fit that role? I was under the impression he is more of an early down/goal line kind of back competing with West for that role.
  5. No. Before West sat out both Allen and West had around the same number of carries with Allen being heavily targeted in passing situations. West owners are in denial.
  6. Engram Watson Z Miller J Thomas ASJ Dickson
  7. Yes, he was behind West and Forsett/Dixon. Also the same Buck Allen that averaged 16 PPG over the last 7 games of the 2015 season in PPR.
  8. Let's not ignore the context though. The only real opportunity Allen had in the nfl was the final 7 games of the 2015 season. He caught 37 passes in those 7 games. Extrapolate those numbers over 16 games. He is a much better pass catcher than Langford and West.
  9. When Allen was given a run in the last 7 games of 2015 he caught 37 passes. He is a significantly better pass catcher than West.
  10. But they aren't... Berry was actually high on Hunt. I'm obviously not saying you should take Berry's word here. But maybe look up the facts before you post false information here?
  11. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your point but why does Alex Smith have to have a top 10 season in order for Hunt to succeed? Smith being average at best didn't seem to hinder Jamaal Charles elite production over the years.
  12. Hmm I wonder if the fact that the Chiefs took the lead and Hunt got way more touches the 2nd half had anything to do with it...
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