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  1. I also would go Abreu. Safest bet is usually the way I lean. help?
  2. I think I would. Albies is not bad Tamirez replacement and Stanton coming back would be major upgrade overall. help?
  3. I love this deal for you. Jose Ramirez is going to bounce back plus the Bauer upgrade is huge. help?
  4. I would rather hold onto Betts if you don’t have room for Mondesi. I think Giles gets traded at the deadline. hep?
  5. Sorry derin, somehow just seeing your response. I would be getting Snell
  6. Here to say it, but I’d stand put. I like who you have over any talent out there.
  7. In an 8 teamer, you can ride the hot hand. Votto is replaceable. I would give it a shot. Help?
  8. Always worth a shot if have someone to drop. Help?
  9. I would keep Puig for sure, consider adding Huira Help?
  10. I like the power of Riley personally. Help?
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