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  1. McCullers deserves any misfortune that comes his way. He's a flake
  2. Tanner Houck can't do better than Martin Perez?
  3. Anybody else having trouble with the MLB phone app? I'm getting too many instances of it hanging up --- authorizing, as they call it --- when I try to check in on radio broadcasts. I end up bailing in frustration
  4. My biggest regret after two weeks is investing $14 on Paddack in my roto auction
  5. His manager was impressed: “It was fun to watch. It really was,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. “I think Dustin, there’s a lot of low hanging fruit and a lot of opportunity for him to get even better. … To see him get through six innings was really good to see.” “It’s progress and I think he’s really starting to understand what his potential could be and to get Major League hitters out and to get those swings and misses,” Roberts said. “He’s a guy that pitches at the bottom of the zone, but for him to have the ability to pitch at the top if needs to, is really important.”
  6. Vlad Jr. with a frozen rope on the first pitch he sees!
  7. Unfortunately, I can see him "trending'' to the sidelines without full participation on Sunday. Hope that changes big time
  8. He should change his number to 89 and assume the role of second tight end
  9. Forget Russ. It's Dalvin's time to Cook
  10. I would trade my turkey dinner for a healthy Swift. It's that important
  11. Gio @ Pitt: : Assuming Mixon sits, never easy an easy matchup JuJu vs. Cincy: Was last week the start of something good? Swift vs. WFT: Does AP get extra run against a former team?
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