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  1. Id want johnson. RB is his with Kerryon out
  2. add wentz then ty johnson your team is pretty solid so id just stay the course i dont know what you could trade for id keep shark
  3. Id do it. Add Johnson. even if they get drake hes JAG
  4. Personally Id take it. Id want the upgrade to brees and hollywood brown just needs to get back up to speed. hes been banged up but lets see what the bye does for him
  5. After that maybe Djax, but im not super sure when he is coming back.
  6. Id try OBJ but even thats a stretch he would accept. NE backfield is always a cluster but if he is desperate he may do it
  7. What side would you rather be on? Chris Carson for Mixon and cooks Leave me a link Ill get back to you!
  8. I wrote that in 2013. Not quite sure what you're getting at. WHEN I post :"WHIR" I do help those who leave me a link to their questions. I am not obligated to play wheres waldo and find your post if you do not link your question with your response and I explicitly state that in my posts.
  9. have to go correa / buehler and see what he says. thats your only option http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/705938-what-side-you-on-whir-wlink/
  10. what side would you want? Castellanos + Ryu or Skaggs + Choo leave me a link to your question for response
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