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  1. I'd go Baker slightly ahead of Tua
  2. I would do it, CMC is great but Jones isn't far behind
  3. You're getting the best player but I would ask for a lesser RB to be thrown in to help with your depth
  4. Yeah I would make that deal https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/830540-trade-for-michael-thomas-whir/
  5. 12 team league, standard scoring, start QB/2RB/2WR/FLX/TE. I've been offered Michael Thomas from an owner that needs RB help. He is eyeing J.Robinson or CEH. I don't think I necessarily love the idea of trading away either RB in a 1 for 1 deal knowing how valuable RBs are right now and I already have 3 solid WR options. I could potentially ask for a RB to be thrown in to help with my RB depth. A couple of trade options that I am considering: 1 - CEH + DJ Moore for M.Thomas + D.Swift 2 - CEH + DJ Moore for M.Thomas + R.Mostert What do you think? Is this making a chang
  6. For instance, I can drop Moore for Reagor. Would you make that move?
  7. Trade him? Do you own him? Have you offered him to anyone? No one wants him, I tried to trade him last week and no one is biting. After this week? Good luck with that.
  8. I just can't do it with this guy anymore. He's probably the #5 WR on my team right now, he's droppable right? My WRs: Julio, Allen, Robinson, Diontae, Moore Standard scoring league, we start 2 WRs. Drop him for Reagor? Or RB depth? Or literally anything?
  9. I would sit Brown,I want to see it first before I trust him.
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