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  1. I'd go Baker slightly ahead of Tua
  2. I would do it, CMC is great but Jones isn't far behind
  3. You're getting the best player but I would ask for a lesser RB to be thrown in to help with your depth
  4. Yeah I would make that deal https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/830540-trade-for-michael-thomas-whir/
  5. 12 team league, standard scoring, start QB/2RB/2WR/FLX/TE. I've been offered Michael Thomas from an owner that needs RB help. He is eyeing J.Robinson or CEH. I don't think I necessarily love the idea of trading away either RB in a 1 for 1 deal knowing how valuable RBs are right now and I already have 3 solid WR options. I could potentially ask for a RB to be thrown in to help with my RB depth. A couple of trade options that I am considering: 1 - CEH + DJ Moore for M.Thomas + D.Swift 2 - CEH + DJ Moore for M.Thomas + R.Mostert What do you think? Is this making a chang
  6. For instance, I can drop Moore for Reagor. Would you make that move?
  7. Trade him? Do you own him? Have you offered him to anyone? No one wants him, I tried to trade him last week and no one is biting. After this week? Good luck with that.
  8. I just can't do it with this guy anymore. He's probably the #5 WR on my team right now, he's droppable right? My WRs: Julio, Allen, Robinson, Diontae, Moore Standard scoring league, we start 2 WRs. Drop him for Reagor? Or RB depth? Or literally anything?
  9. I would sit Brown,I want to see it first before I trust him.
  10. 12 team league, standard scoring, start QB/2RB/2WR/FLX/TE. We can keep 2 players each year for draft cost + 2 rounds. I approached the Keenan Allen owner about a trade and he's asking for Chase Claypool since he's 2-5 and looking for a keeper for next year. Claypool will be a round 14 keeper. Would you make that trade? My team: QB - Lamar, Herbert RB - CEH, J.Conner, J.Robinson, K.Drake, J.Williams WR - Julio, A.Robinson, DJ Moore, Di.Johnson, C.Claypool TE - R.Tonyan, Goedert
  11. Ok, so logic says you trade away Robinson for Zeke every day of the week. Having said that, as a Robinson owner... I'm not sure I do that. It's crazy to think even as I type this, but Dallas is evolving into full blown dumpster fire. Do we know when/if the O line will be healthy this year?
  12. I love Allen in ppr but that is a lot to give up considering cam is droppable. I would try to get something else besides cam but if push came to shove, I'd probably pull the trigger.
  13. 12 team league, standard scoring, start QB/2RB/2WR/FLX/TE. Picked up Justin Herbert and looking at ROS schedules, I'm seriously considering riding the rookie and shopping Lamar. My league doesn't put a ton of value on QBs when trading but there has been some interest. One team in particular, not much on the roster to love, but they are willing to move Deandre Swift. Thoughts on any of these deals? A - Lamar Jackson for Deandre Swift, straight up B - Lamar and Jamaal Williams for Swift and Josh Allen My team: QB - Lamar, Herbert RB - CEH, J.Conne
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