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  1. Have you seen what he had done this year ? Find someone else equal with adp that has produced the same. seriously.
  2. I like just checking this page after a Buxton homer just to see what everyone is saying.
  3. He's fine. The MLB is reaaallly using the NBA's model of resting their stars.
  4. So you're saying I trot Heaney out there today for a QS?
  5. I'm starting to worry he isn't who we thought he was.
  6. Guys gonna pay dividends for ratios
  7. Does he just not have it anymore? You would think he would WANT a new contract regardless of the landing spot next year.
  8. Kluber, Heaney, & Morton day! It's a poor man's SP day!
  9. I hate the Rockies. Hampson needs to get away like Dahl did.
  10. Not in the lineup, screw job starts early this year.
  11. Now with this PPD he prob won't be put on IL until tomorrow, right? WTH
  12. The home run account on twitter is awesome, @MLBHR real time homers given. Nothing for at bat though, that would be sweet.
  13. Heading to CBP to watch Nola pitch, LFG! Merry Christmas everyone!
  14. Oh yeahhhh (Kool Aid Guy voice from Family Guy)
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