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  1. Thanks. No trades are allowed. I thought about dropping one of the Cinci wr, but wanted to see if one meshed well with Finley this week. Because it is a 2 qb league and I have 4 of the top 13 QBs in fantasy points one of my competitors would love to see me dump a QB. I like Goff, but he or Tannehill have the lowest floor so far this season. Thanks for the input.
  2. Thanks for the help on mine. I would do it. Steelers are among the highest in passing percentage in neutral situations so they will be airing it out. Connor hasn't been very effective lately either. I feel Harris with the upcoming schedule is almost as good, but to throw Taylor in as well puts it over the top for me.
  3. Please see the awkwardly pasted team below. It is an 8 team 2 QB league .5 ppr. I am currently in first place and playing the guy that I'm edging out by points in it this week. I also need to look at rest of season because we don't have layoffs and go through 17 weeks. Best record and most points splits the pot. I have both right now. Burrow getting injured hurt my WR since I have been relying on Tee Higgins and Boyd. I don't think I'll be able to trust them with Finley at QB. I want to add Pittman or Jeudy, or C Davis. Pittman's remaining schedule is great, Davis is decent, and Jeudy has a po
  4. Thanks on mine. It is close, but I may stand pat because you could play the matchup between Herbert and Tannehill whom are both solid.
  5. Thanks for the help on mine. I would go Fant and Schultz for now, but long term I prefer Goedert over Shultz. If you new Fasnt was good to go healthwise I would get Goedert now.
  6. Do it! Jones and Fournette will likely be a true time share for most of the year. Be wary though as to where L Bell goes. Rumors are that he may be headed to KC which would put a big dent in Helaire's value. Help with mine?
  7. Indy has a tough defense and the Carolina funnels to the run. I would for this week go with Montgomery who has also started catching passes. Help on mine?
  8. If Atl is good to go for playing Sunday I would go with Jefferson. It looks like McKissick is taking over the passing down role in Wash. Help on mine?
  9. I would offer up Drake as well. I would not trade Mixon or Carson for him. I think he is the 2nd fiddle at this point to Ridley and he is aging. Help on mine?
  10. I'm in a league that only allows 8 adds all year. I have 5 left. I am contemplating picking up Viska Shenault and dropping Gallup. .5 ppr. Should I, or is the difference in rest of season outlook not worth using the move? My other WR are Boyd, Woods, Moore, Deebo, Higgins and Edeleman. WHIR.
  11. I like this idea. I would also consider only putting in the claim for Jefferson as I think he is worthy and Minnesota's defense is going to force them to pass more this year. If you think another team may go after Goff you could throw a WW on him too, but you might just save the WW for someone down the road if you think no one will claim Goff this week and if you miss out on Jefferson. Help with mine?
  12. I can add Miles Gaskin or Carlos Hyde. I have Carson and already have J Robinson to fill Carson's spot for the time being. There are only 8 adds allowed all season and I've used 1. I would have to drop either Anthony Miller whom has Foles playing now and may be on the upswing or I can drop Zack Moss. I have about equal depth for WR and RB and this is a half PPR league. Should I add either RB and if so which player between Miller and Moss do you see as more valuable for the rest of the season especially later season. I also may be in a bit of trouble if Minnesota gets postponed and I don't have
  13. I echo what the guy above me says with less confidence. I Think it is a close edge for Mixon. He has a better chance of catching passes and both teams will likely be in that mode at the end.
  14. Thanks! I went in leaning Mahomes, Slayton, Ekeler. I can see NE being able to shut that poor offensive line down and shutting down Mixon. I also think Cinci will be down early and be forced to run less in the 2nd half pretty quickly. My hope is LA falls behind and Ekeler is thrown to a bunch, which is the way I see that game going. I can see Slayton over Parker, but I trust Fitz over Manning and with NY losing their top cb their secondaries are about equal. I can see that game being a bit of a shootout.
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