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  1. Cain's 2-run rocket doesn't make the highlights but Braun's "ground ball single" does? Lol, star calls even extend to the editing room.
  2. King Kelly definitely qualified near the end of his career, the bold lettering in honor of his captain's status wasn't a slimming look either
  3. Jesus Montero's line "I wasn't doing nothing, just eating" should at least earn him a spot in the minors on the All Fat dynasty league
  4. I find it amazing how few batters even the best pitchers were striking out in the mid-late 70s and early-mid 80s. Stone '80 is a great example. He threw 250 innings, waked over 100 and only struck out 150! And he won 25 games with a 2.50 ERA! A lot of this had to do with many pitchers relying more on their fastballs. I was only born in '86, but I've watched a lot of old games from the 70s and 80s. Pitchers would just pump sinkers and try to pile up GBs to work deep into games. There were very few guys who had a wide variety of secondary pitches. Guys like Koufax and Nolan Ryan had a
  5. since this thread got merged, biggest 1 year wonder I remember was John Tudor in '85 with the Cards. A back of the rotation type before that, injury prone (and a sour attitude) afterwards, but for one season he was almost unhittable: 21-8, 1.93 ERA, .938 WHIP, 14 complete games, 10 shutouts
  6. That's true, he'd had some solid juicer years before that but if remember right in '07 and again at the start of '08 he looked like he was back to being the old Melvin.Guess Fedex had some shipping delays getting those vitamins to the Balt clubhouse around then
  7. Melvin Mora in 2008 with the O's, had one of the hotter streaks ever seen, after a lousy start he went absolutely ballistic in late July/August before getting hurt, but always remember that cause I was cursed at 3B that year and Melvin's insane production as a desperation flier was like a miracle. Another guy I remember was Kaz Matsui when he was reborn in Col in 2007 as a basestealing run scoring speed demon. Lol, then the anal fissures put an end to that
  8. It's cause it's on Fox. I get McCarver/Buck doing the RedSox/Yankee game. That Saturday blackout really sucks. it's like Fox and the league have combined to create maximum torture for everyone no matter what they do, and calling it "Baseball Night in America" is a sick joke, we get less games than any other time of the week.
  9. just fyi, MLB.tv is showing free games for nearly the whole league today, everything except ESPN's 8pm games
  10. The problem with try to deal him after a string of good starts is that almost everyone is sure he'll get hurt so you can never really sell high. I suppose in theory there are owners out there who think he'll stay healthy, or who are having such pitching woes they're desperate for a quality arm even if they think it's shortlived, but just don't see getting a whole lot back for him. Maybe the best trade method might be to use him as a sweetener to get you over the top in another deal, IDK... My thoughts on BA were to get him cheap and roll with him as long as he's healthy, whatever that might
  11. K - thanks. Wasn't planning on it, but nice to know I'm not missing anything major. I tried to download that stupid plugin a couple times last year, it was annoying to download and never worked anyway
  12. lol notice no one on the astros has any dirt on their uniforms, those new jerseys look fantastic, never having to run the bases or slide really helps the colors stay crisp, it's like I've got HD tv all of a sudden this game just feels like a tease, hate that Colon taking Strailly's spot away so much
  13. I think of Anderson the way used to think of Rich Harden: either draft him late or snag as a FA, as long as he's healthy he'll be very good but the moment he gets a hangnail drop the dude and don't look back cause that hangnail always seems to lead to surgery. Great value for where get him, guy just gives hitters fits, but one of those guys where I figure anything that get from him at all is bonus cause just can't/won't plan on him staying healthy. Kind of nice having players like that cause don't get overly worked up either way about them, if they're healthy that's awesome and if not oh well
  14. ahh, I knew something was missing from my weekend football experience and here it is, the Wipo thread is reanimated. When those pyknic d*cks hacked RW I bet the WiPo thread hacked them back.
  15. This thread has been amazing for hate, it doesn't even have to be WiPo, Josh Gordon's name came up and people started ripping each other, it's actually weird how much anger happens in here. Every time a reasonable, informed, respectful discussion about WiPo gets going, some errant piece of rage comes randomly sailing across the thread like a Blaine Gabbert pass. Actually been brooding on why there's so much anger and overreaction in this thread-- maybe it's because Powell is such a nebulous figure that he's more like a symbol of something than an actual player so people read extra into the si
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