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  1. The league should just swap the eagles and giants picks on principal
  2. As a Jacobs owner, I’m so happy with that ending. Very satisfying.
  3. That call not being a fumble is currently ending my season. Down less than 1 with the Rams D.
  4. Yeah facing a Kelce/Mahomes stack. That play ended my season Edit just to say Eff Hayden Hurst as well
  5. yeah I agree. Gaskin has been remarkably consistent in PPR. If Breida can give 75% of that production he will be useful as a bye/injury replacement.
  6. Anyone who follows the Niners knows Grant Cohn is the biggest loser there is. Him and his dad.
  7. I'd go Kupp as well. The safer play with the Dallas QB situation.
  8. Lot of injuries so need to start 2 out of the following group and one of them needs to be a WR: DeVante Parker, Chase Claypool, James White, Tevin Coleman All options have warts and this is close to a must win - Opponent started off with Davis and Gurley last night so decent start to the week for me.
  9. This guy has to be a gimmick. One I enjoy I may add.
  10. I hope it’s all Hasty just because of that one guy lol
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