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  1. There's nothing off about that blurb. He's rocking a 5:5 K:BB ratio over the past 15 days, with a .357 avg. Last night he went 3-for-4. He saw 19 pitches. ONE swinging strike -- from a guy who still has a 16.5% SwSt rate. I watched each of his ABs, and he's seeing the ball SO much better. Rather than swing and miss at curveballs / sliders that start down the middle and dip low and away, he watched them and got the count in his favor. This was most noticeable in his 3rd inning double. Faced with a 1-2 pitch, he laid off a nice 84 MPH splitter, then took a close 94 MPH fastball for
  2. Really liked these stats from ESPN's article on Buxton today: Buxton vs. Upper-Half Pitches Before demotion: .150 avg, .213 OBP, .300 slg, a 61% swing rate with a 19% miss rate at balls in the zone, 1 HR. After demotion: .362 avg, .434 OBP, .766 slg, a 70% swing rate with a 9% miss rate at balls in the zone, 5 HRs.
  3. Buxton today: 1-for-2 with a walk, a double (his 9th of the spring), a stolen base, and a run. No strikeouts. Slash line up to .283 / .365 / .543.
  4. Obviously it depends on your league. I'm in a 14 team league with very deep rosters -- Buxton is a no-brainer "starter" in that kind of league.
  5. One other thing: last year Buxton struck out 20 times in 59 PAs in spring training -- 33.9%. He walked only 3 times -- 5%. 2016 spring training: 33.9% K-rate, 5% BB-rate 2017 spring training: 22.9% K-rate, 8.3% BB-rate Hard not to be cautiously encouraged by these numbers.
  6. Another update on spring training numbers: PA: 48 K: 11 K-rate: 22.9% BB: 4 BB-rate: 8.3% Triple slash: .273 / .347 / .523 9 of his 12 hits have been for extra bases.
  7. Update on spring training numbers per mlb.com: PA: 33 K: 5 K-rate: 15% BB: 3 BB-rate: 9% HR: 1 2B: 6 avg: .267 So he has more doubles (6) than strikeouts (5) through 33 PAs. I believe he hasn't struck out in his past 10 PAs, either. I haven't had a chance to watch him this spring, and I understand the limitations of using spring training stats (especially against pitchers either not throwing 100% or not throwing their best stuff), but it's encouraging nonetheless.
  8. Here I am, stuck at work, and I can't even procrastinate with a baseball game on my monitor? A bad day indeed.
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