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  1. That Polanco homer that got scrubbed is going to screw me big time.
  2. Gustave didn’t do well with the inherited situation and also blew it, so I’d say it’s murky.
  3. They did bring in Abad to start the ninth last night.
  4. Still confused at the Mets Bullpen usage. Lugo should be the guy, but usage just doesn't point to it. In again during the 8th today of a non-save situation. Be interesting if they turn to Diaz again. My luck, Lugo will give up a run creating a save situation and Diaz will have a clean ninth after I set him on the bench today.
  5. Clevinger is getting squeezed hard by this ump.
  6. My competitiveness(Being a dick) in these leagues, would not go well in that situation. A good way for a relationship to not make it through a summer, for sure. That's a bold move cotton. As for pitching, it's really been the relief pitchers this year in my eyes. Love the starters I've been able to assemble, Nola/Clevinger/Bumgarner through the draft, Soroka and Gallen off the wire, Pineda via trade (K/BB League he's a god). That all gets counteracted by Edwin Diaz and Raisel Iglesias. They almost aren't worth the negative ratios for the saves they bring in. In my current
  7. Oh I definitely agree there through the season. I also just don't trust the new guy, who was an add by a manager currently in the playoffs, that no one else has met. "Hey bud, mind using your 14 FA adds this week to diminish the streamer pool?" Not saying that's the case, but I see room for abuse. Again, I'd like teams to be involved through the 19 weeks, but if you're in the consolation bracket, there are no points for 7th place. Honestly, I'd like there to be a setting to turn off the consolation matchups, which would give no reason for them to continue anyways.
  8. What is everyone’s thoughts about teams in the consolation bracket continuing to play out their season competitively in a redraft league? we have a new first year manager who missed the playoffs, but is hitting the waiver wire for 2 or 3 streamers a day. I dunno, part of it irks me, like dude, time to focus on football, but it’s also like I guess if you want to win 7th place that’s cool. If it was a dynasty I’d have zero issues, but his moves are impacting the playoffs now. I guess we always had it as an unspoken rule, like bats flips. Am am I just yelling at the kids
  9. If he could get zero between now and next Monday, that would be great. Get the 9 in September.
  10. Per Roto: Manaea (shoulder) recorded 12 strikeouts and allowed just two hits and one walk through seven scoreless innings in Triple-A Las Vegas' win over Tacoma on Saturday, Spin: If the Athletics needed one more start out of Manaea to convince them he was ready for activation, then Saturday's fit the bill in every way imaginable. The left-hander worked up to 99 pitches, affirmatively answering any questions about whether his arm is sufficiently stretched out. His swing-and-miss capability was on full display as well, and Martin Gallegos of MLB.com reports Manaea could be part of a p
  11. I just did. Maybe he comes back the last week of the season, but I need to get to that last week in order for it to even matter. Rather not take the chance.
  12. Interleague matchup doesn’t help him this week.
  13. M Agreed, and all that being said, the coors start could have been much worse.
  14. Works out in H2H leagues with playoffs starting next week. We all all view things differently.
  15. Read the last two pages. He’s regained confidence as a stud and you don’t sit those guys. I’d start him in coors against the Red Sox on a 95 degree day.
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