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  1. You may be right, but I don't think that can be proved by tonight's lack of use. He has pitched on two straight days, including 30+ pitches yesterday.
  2. Segura, Haniger, Cruz coming up - looks like Scioscia is giving Parker the "fireman" role today. *Edit* Segura just doubled.
  3. Joe Panik hitting 8th today against a LHP. After a HR in the opener off of Kershaw, he's done nothing against lefties all year (9 for 50). Hanson's path to "rosterable" playing time might be to force a platoon at 2B, and pick up enough spot starts elsewhere against RHP. Could still be a tough road though without just outright supplanting Panik at 2B (and Panik does have an .843 OPS against righties, which is also Hanson's stronger side this year). Alen needs to keep hitting.
  4. Now that Aaron Jones is active, any updated thoughts on Jamaal Williams or Nixon this week in PPR?
  5. Must win game this week - would appreciate the help. 1) QB: Cousins - @DAL (Thurs) or Rivers - vs CLE? 2) RB: (1 pt PPR - start 2 of 3) a ) J Mixon - vs PIT b ) D Lewis - @ BUF c ) Jamaal Williams - vs TB (assuming Ty Montgomery is still out)
  6. Wow, tumbleweeds over here, coming off of a 7 inning, 8K, 1 base runner performance.
  7. Agreed - isn't that a recent Manny Machado season? Granted, w/out SS eligibility (which isn't as valuable as it was a few years ago w/ the recent infusion of talent).
  8. I think he's projected to hit third this year. The projection of 70 RBI looks like you may still believe he'll be leading off again. The switch from first to third should be a net gain for him in counting stats - perhaps a dozen less runs scored but many more RBI to compensate.
  9. Vogt is the guy I like late if I decide not to go C early w/ Lucroy or C in the middle rounds w/ Grandal. Part of this is b/c my league has a deep enough bench to draft two catchers, so I would always bench him against LHP. Obviously, YMMV on that front.
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