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  1. Play Pollard if Zeke is out. Start Beasley and Davis, not that Gage is a bad option, but I wouldn't overthink it. Keep Swift in though, he's been active in the passing game and beasting.
  2. Full PPR, Pick 2 of the following: Chase Edmonds vs San Francisco Jeff Wilson Jr @ Arizona Jerrick McKinnon @ Arizona Gronk @ Detroit Malcolm Brown @ Seattle WHIR as always!
  3. I was all set going with the Eagles until the Sanders news. Scott is a very good player in his own right and Clement can eat some carries, but I was already wary on a road game vs a division opponent with how few weapons Carson has to throw to downfield. If Washington takes a big early lead somehow I'd be hella worried they can't make a comeback from 2 scores back even if they had the whole 4th quarter and shutout Washington that period as well. This is one of the toughest week 1's I remember in awhile for survivor pools. I don't even know if I'm betting a single game tomorrow eit
  4. Yes, but the point I was making is he had 2 good receivers in various flavors for 3 seasons and not only did he not hit them much, but he didn't even throw to them much period. Surely the offensive philosophy will be better in Chargersland, but I find it a little hard to believe the OC is going to have Taylor peppering dudes with targets. 120 seems like the high end he'll sling towards Allen. He's extremely talented overall, especially compared to Watkins and a much younger and greener Woods, but all his monster years he's getting 136, 149 and 159 targets from a much better throwin
  5. I feel like he's fine value where he's going in most drafts, but I'm banking on a 75 catch, 900ish yards, 4 to 6 TD season. That's not bad, but there are more explosive, higher upside, win the week for you, guys still in his draft range, such as Chark, McLaurin, Metcalf, Hilton and Ridley. Allen is extremely talented, but there's no way we can ignore the chemistry he had with Rivers, and how terrible Taylor is throwing the ball, at least for fantasy purposes, and the reports that Herbert is looking completely lost and ineffective. I drafted him last night and so I'm hoping I'
  6. That would be the lowest targets he's had in years, by a wide margin.
  7. I'd drop both of those guys and grab Edwards and then either Reagor or Lazard. Rodgers isn't the Rodgers of year's past, but he's still a really good QB and someone is going to be his number 2, most signs point to Lazard. He could be a guy who puts up a sneaky 70 catch, 950 yard, 8 TD season and is a great bye week sub. Reagor is a guy I'd only pick up if you can stash him for a few weeks. But he has a ton of potential even in a redraft to put up some great numbers, as a bye week fill in or FLEX play he's a guy who could be a week winner for you. Philly has Ertz, Sande
  8. Nobody thinks Scott has standalone value even if Sanders is supposedly full go? Even against Washington?
  9. 2 slots to fill, choose from these 4: Jonathan Taylor @ Jacksonville Phillip Lindsay vs Tennessee Boston Scott @ Washington Jordan Howard @ New England Full PPR WHIR
  10. 6 point per TD league 1 point per 25 yards -2 for INT's -2 Fumble lost
  11. Reminds me of Kevin Durant last season. Maybe they're hiding an Achilles issue from the public? Yikes.
  12. 12 team PPR Gave: Ezekiel Elliott Mike Evans Got: Kareem Rush Odell Beckham Jr.
  13. Simple as that. Help would be appreciated! Have this same decision in 2 leagues.
  14. I'd probably offer her something like: Her choice of 2 of your RB's not named Hunt or Melvin Her choice of 2 of your WR's not named Green or Watkins for either your or her choice of 1 of Murray or Ty(I prefer Ty) 1 of Dez or Tate Hooper
  15. I'll be honest, outside of Green I think your WR's are as mediocre as they come and would focus on a similar consolidation trade for a WR, not a RB. I don't think I'd take that trade for Nelson if I'm him, but it's not bad value, especially if you're a Cohen believer. That guy's team is basically a dumpster fire though, so he's certainly in desperation mode and again, although I personally don't love that deal, it's pretty fair and interesting on paper, so hell yeah, offer it.
  16. Good post, but especially this. Most everyone pays attention to the hot adds of the week, but a lot of people will make their bids and win or lose on who they want, won't check on the free agents again til the following Tuesday. A lot of times you can sneak in with a lower bid on a guy who should have never been dropped when another owner with a relatively stacked bench made an impulsive pickup.
  17. I get that "sources" from people on internet forums are 97% of the time bull, but I used to have some really tight inside sources for the Nets and the NBA and I would occasionally share some vague stuff on forums, but I most certainly would never give up my source or say things too specific that could get those people in hot water. I respected that I was told never to say who I heard from and always be vague if I told anyone info, hence I kept my sources for years and no amount of name calling and ridicule I received on teh interwebz ever tempted me to say more than allowed. Chanc
  18. Nah, that's insanely too much for Cohen imho. Anything over mid 30's really. Even if other owners knew you were desperate, they weren't going to risk paying 40's to 50's just to keep you from having a RB2/Flex guy in week 1. And I think Cohen could be great, really like him and picked him up where I could, but right now he is speculative at best even in PPR, he's far from being guaranteed anything more than 6 touches right now, at least on a weekly basis. There are going to be weeks he probably gets 4 rush attempts and 2 receptions for a total of 20 yards. The hype train is crazy on him. Ideal
  19. I wouldn't trust anyone with this line. If it was at least an average line, my answer would be yes.
  20. Did it happen on his rush attempt? I'm guess it was an end around, or a short pass behind the line of scrimmage and he got whacked?
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