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  1. Career 114 QBR in his career against Pittsburgh, including nothing under 124 his last three meetings. I'm not worried.
  2. I had a dream last night that Kamara broke two long scores in the first half today.
  3. But the way it always works is that 2/3 of these guys won’t see the end of the season.
  4. Kind of fitting that Twitter gave me the "sensitive content" warning before I could see the video, because damn if that wasn't filthy.
  5. The Cardinals have a legit chance of beating Houston this week and while their schedule is no cakewalk the rest of the year, Seattle's is even tougher. Not to mention they play each other Week 17. They have every reason to get DJ back out there as soon as they can.
  6. That's what he said. Maybe he's not doing enough to make the other guy look good.
  7. BTW, a Sun-Sentinel sports reporter on Twitter quoted Drake as saying the coaches keep talking about his run blocking "because they need something to criticize."
  8. Probably not even. That hole hadn't even fully developed when he shot toward it. https://twitter.com/kyle_burger/status/930280592687714304
  9. For that TD, Drake found the slimmest of holes just outside the tackle and flashed through it so quickly I almost couldn't follow it in real time. Then he changed direction at full speed in the open field and got the safety on his off foot to cruise in for the score. Dude has some skills.
  10. The crazy thing is that most of those teams are still among the top teams in FPA to RBs, even after he steamrolled them. He's just really darn good.
  11. Friendly reminder that this guy gets ATL twice during the fantasy playoffs.
  12. Drake had all but one of his catches before the end of the game and was pretty well established as a threat. Sometimes the perceived threat of a back rolling off the end and catching a short pass is more effective in delaying the rush as two hands to the chest.
  13. I was just about to say he looked Sanders-esque, not just staying on his feet in the crowd, but exploding right out of that move to create the first missed tackle off the line.
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