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  1. My heart felt warmth and hope while it lasted. Thanks for the early season memories. We'll never forget...
  2. He's going to fix it next time you guys... https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball/cubs/ct-spt-cubs-yu-darvish-joe-maddon-20190504-story.html
  3. It definitely sounds more about Difo than Rendon or Dozier. Martinez does not seem too happy w Difo's playing at this time, specially in the field.
  4. He's still an every day player and the lead off guy against righties, so the answer is "yes"...
  5. This guy @ home is money in the bank so far. He's now the starting pitcher with the lowest ERA ever @ Wrigley.
  6. Even if he reaches 3000 hits his chances are low, but I agree, you can make a case for him and he definitely has a chance.
  7. Really? 0%? If he reaches 3000 hits of course he has a chance.
  8. Sell high if you can. Now it's the perfect time...
  9. He is an obvious hold. He usually performs well against BAL, plays well @home and has been hot the last three weeks. Ben is always a risk to throw a stinker once in a while, but he looks like a clear QB1 in most formats.
  10. I'm worried about his low snap count (24%). He's on the field basically 1/4 of the time the Cards are on offense. Huge risk in here.
  11. To be fair, going backwards on that third & short was kind of a big deal. He had the first down already and then just lost it. He killed a drive which would have created more offensive opportunities and could have even put the Lions ahead in the game.
  12. He lead all Saints receivers in snaps last week (beat Thomas by one snap). Didn't translate into production, but an interesting note nonetheless.
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