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  1. Analysis such as this always fails to take into account the human factor. Robert is a rookie and is obviously going to be adapting and attempting to improve upon his flaws as a rookie. His K% could easily improve next year with a few minor tweaks.
  2. Everywhere I look all I see is "Coronavirus" news, and for good reason. I am not trying to downplay this virus, but it is disappointing to come onto these forums and see more of the same, where I thought I could get away from all the news and media and look at some fantasy baseball. The player threads on here are hardly getting any posts and this forum has turned into a coronavirus discussion.
  3. Lets not get carried away now. This just gives us more time to do fantasy baseball research
  4. Or you can set yourself apart by reaching for steals and get guys such as Robles and easily come in the top 1-3 of Steals in Roto leagues. Stolen bases are probably the easiest category to gauge and control the outcome of.
  5. As a Cleveland Indians fan I still enjoy reading this thread. Great to read all the memories of diehard baseball fans
  6. The negativity in here is uncalled for. Batting leadoff for the NATS with 30 Steal potential, throw in 15 HR's and 90 runs and that is a lot of value. 8 players in all of baseball stole over 30 bases last year, so reaching for Steals is probably a smart strategy or you will get left behind fast.
  7. Really not sure what to make of this guy. His breakout last year seemingly came out of nowhere. At an ADP of around 150, I feel like he is worth the Value if he can return anything even close to what he did last year.
  8. Buy low while you still can. I think he will be a top 7 RB ROS. In Darnold we trust, and schedule is much easier after the Patriots next week.
  9. Jacobs has 11,4,9 pts in his past 3 weeks in my .5 ppr league. And now he faces the best defense in football. Don't think it's that much of a stretch to start Jones over him. It's almost a toss up at this point between the two and I liked Jones' ceiling better this week
  10. Yes starting him over Jacobs. No reason he shouldn't get around 20 touches today
  11. This guy has a 0.97 ERA after the All-Star Break. That is insane. The best pitcher in baseball as of this moment.
  12. WOW no love for Semien. What a tremendous season for someone you could draft in the last couple rounds of drafts. Always loved this guys potential and now it looks like he is finally living up to it. Interested to see where he will be going in drafts next year
  13. Coming into this thread I expected to read a lot of people touting Metcalf as a sleeper, instead I find a bunch of debbie downers in here. One of the most physically gifted WR's to come out of college football in years paired up with an Elite level QB like Wilson and no one is giving him a shot. I am baffled at all the nay-saying going on. He appears to be the #2 behind Lockett and will definitely be given a shot to see if he can perform as one of Wilson's main targets. I myself am excited to have Metcalf in the late rounds!
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