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  1. Did MLB extend that deal with Domino's Pizza like last season?
  2. First year to use it, for the most part I enjoy... My biggest complaint is that they have me blacked out in 4 local markets KC, STL, HOU, and TEX. Does anyone else have multiple blackout teams? Seems ridiculous...
  3. nope. anything specific not working?
  4. okay i can only get radio feeds now today, these blackout rules or whatever are terrible
  5. "watch streaming baseball in HD Quality. Supported devices include Xbox 360*, Sony PlayStation 3, Apple TV, WD TV, Roku, Boxee, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Windows and more." any feedback on using these - I tried it out on my friend's Roku and it was pretty slick. Also considering buying a xbox 360 or ps3-any hitches with these/which one would be better? much appreciated.
  6. the discounted price only showed up after i signed in. maybe that helps
  7. let me try to find the link i used... http://9to5toys.com/2013/05/10/mlb-tv-premium-subscription-goes-63-off-use-the-savings-to-buy-a-roku-and-a-6-pack/ "this specific link" <--- i clicked that and it worked.
  8. that half off deal is pretty sweet! someone dropped a link on a different thread 2013 MLB.TV Premium Yearly Subscription $114.99 Discount: $58.00 -------------------------------- Total: $ 56.99
  9. some guy on ESPN said that the Cardinals haven't ruled out a trade and the trade deadline is still a couple weeks away. Also mentioned that New Orleans has the most RB depth, but not much has been discussed yet, FWIW. Guy also said the Cardinals are going to run the ball so as to keep their QB from getting mauled!!! It made me think they might churn thru 2 or 3 more RB's this season just to keep one of their QB's standing!
  10. they signed a tackle, that might help out the run game!
  11. 13 carries/ 64 yards, 2 catches 16 yards, one TD, one fumble.
  12. Y! ownership up to 21 %, ballard at 18%, alex green 42% people are desperate for RB's right now
  13. Yeah, thought about it! I had to choose between Britt, Santana Moss, and Powell for the last W/R/T spot in a 3 WR/ 2 RB/ 2 W/R/T league. Ugh! Decided to roll dice for Britt to suddenly heal, fall back is Moss, FML !
  14. Any one have him active in their roster tonight?
  15. Ryan Williams fumbles or gets hurt, how will they split the carries between Powell and Alfonso Smith? Who'd be the pass blocking 3rd down guy with LSH already declared out by the coaches?
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