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  1. He has the opportunity now for sure just needs to get back to his historical shooting averages. Hope for being in H2H not Roto and look forward to next week. He has a huge upside of minutes and opportunity. He could go bonkers and you could trade up if you’re still uncertain about him.
  2. He’s on the right track and team looks way better. Need to see him getting 32-36 minutes per game average and looking forward to seeing the results. Good progress today.
  3. This is just the beginning, we’re watching him go super sayan.
  4. He’s going to need the stamina after the Chriss injury, he’s going to be playing a lot more minutes than any year prior. That plus summer fixing his jump shot is a cocktail for a record year. Get strapped in and ready!
  5. Looking at his high school and college record, if they go wildcat, I’d expect him doing something like this: 175 Yards Passing, 40 Yards Rushing, 1 Passing TD, 1 Rushing TD, 2 Int
  6. This post sums up the season. If you got em’ you hit the lotto. Congrats y’all.
  7. Yup, changed my team name, this is Shake Milton’s team now!
  8. Might change my team name to either Shake Shack or Shake N’ Bake. Such an awesome name!
  9. If he gets a starter spot somewhere at the beginning of the season I’m drafting him.
  10. He hasn’t practiced with the team yet... next week after a few practices is where it gets fun.
  11. I can’t believe they are allowed to be so blatant about it. The entire league is going to trash with all of this resting and limiting of players. Going to stop bothering with fantasy next year if the league doesn’t fix it. Makes it too frustrating to bother with. Going to stop watching as well, why bother when teams don’t play their stars or limit their minutes?
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