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  1. This guy is completely irrelevant in fantasy and look at the size of this thread. Too funny. Wake me up when this guy does anything of note in an NFL football game.
  2. LOL at people in here using his injury as an excuse. This guy sucks and was ridiculously overhyped in this thread for no reason. He never had the clear staring gig, he never even had anything resembling a productive fantasy day. It was just pure speculation and people were plugging him in to their lineup like blind men trying to hit a bullseye.
  3. This is a classic fantasy vs. real-life clash of expectations. To the Fantasy player it makes so much sense that D-Wash becomes the workhorse. But guess what, the Lions don't give a s--- about Fantasy. They're gonna continue to give Riddick the majority of run and this thread will continue to be guys crying about how the Lions are stupid and that D-Wash and their fantasy teams are getting screwed.
  4. I don't think we learned much from this game. Look at all the people in this thread who were jumping on the "Train' and starting him today. Total insanity. He's a hold in deep leagues only and more of a handcuff to Riddick. Riddick is gonna get the bulk of the carries if he's healthy and the Lions are way too unpredictable week to week.
  5. I don't trust the Lions to get their offense rolling on the road especially in Green Bay where the Packers desperately need to win. I think Washington will produce in the future not just this week. I'm benching him and playing the wait and see game.
  6. I think you guys are being a little harsh. Remember, the majority of the info on this site is FREE. Yes, FREE. Most of these guys doing Fantasy for a living are doing it out of a passion for the sport. They're not making a ton of money doing this. Cut them some slack and make your own decisions when it comes to your fantasy teams. Too often these guys are used as scapegoats.
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