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  1. Out again. No details again. For all we know they don't intend to start him at all ROS and they just don't care to say so. Couldn't have happened at worse time
  2. Anyone who was watching. Why was he out of tonight's game early? The lopsided score, or injury?
  3. Santana gets pulled from Rangers game due to hammy at 9:45 EST. Nick Solak pulled from AAA game at 10:30 in 6th inning. hmmmmmm
  4. Adalberto Mondesi (shoulder) took about 40 swings off the tee from each side on Tuesday and also fielded grounders and did some light throwing. It's another step in the right direction for Mondesi, who has been sidelined since July 17 due to a left shoulder subluxation. The 24-year-old switch-hitting speedster owns a .266/.294/.433 slash line with 48 runs scored, seven home runs, 52 RBI and a major league-leading 31 stolen bases in 82 games. He's on track to return to the Royals' lineup sometime in early-to-mid August. ----------------------------------------------------------
  5. NEVER EVER trust ROTOWORLD's careless blurb writers. There is absolutely ZERO credible info out there suggesting he will be back in early to mid-August. They wrote that garbage literally the day after the manager was quoted that it will be a "while" and only indicated that he'd "want him back before the year's out" Who gives these fools the liberties to just report their uninformed guesses as fact?
  6. Taken out of yesterday's game late due to "calf stiffness". Hope this is nothing.
  7. Not only that, but he went with two totally untested guys in the 8th even though Martin was more rested than LeClerc
  8. Bad news for both Martin and LeClerc owners. Martin seems as good as gone and LeClerc doesn't have the sack for the job.
  9. I like Kingery's upside over Mazara even with no Giles, so no way for me. help here?
  10. In the future, you may get stuck with Moncada (next year) and Bregman (2021) having only 3B eligibility. I agree with some others that this trade leaves you very thin at 2B for the future, but you could always flip a SS for a 2B down the line. Adding that much speed in a h2h is hard to turn down tho. help here
  11. I'd roll the dice with Smith and his upside. Hard to trust d'Arnaud given his track record - could just be a hot streak and nothing more help here?
  12. Trading Alonso for something good is smart given you have Belly and Freeman. But really to me you're only getting Corbin back and thats not enough. Price is old, and Smith, Doolittle may not even be closers going forward (Smith may not even be a closer ROS for this season) help here?
  13. It would be Peralta or Eloy for me. Mercado looks for real and SB big in H2H help here?
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