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  1. He's been pretty worthless the past 4 games, and I need to make room for Aaron Gordon and Christian Wood returning from injuries. I also have Josh Jackson and Bruce Brown. I need to cut 2 of the 3. Which ones should I cut?
  2. Gave up Terry Rozier and Josh Richardson for Wood. Yahoo Points league. Trading away two players opens up a streaming roster spot for me until I get Kemba Walker back from injury.
  3. Someone cut him in my league, and I'm debating grabbing him, but his numbers this year are pretty bad. Is he even the starter in Sacramento? Is he hurt? Yahoo points league.
  4. 1/2 pt PPR with 5 point bonus @ 100 receiving yards. I am already starting AJ Brown at one of my WR spots, for some perspective to people who may suggest Corey Davis. I have 3 options for my Flex. Corey Davis, Marvin Jones Jr, and Russell Gage. All 3 have pretty good matchups. Marvin Jones Jr. is who I am now leaning, given Stafford is going to be playing. I'm figuring that Tennessee may put up close to 40 pts, so Detroit will need to pass, pass, pass to keep up.
  5. Scoring is 1/2 pt PPR, with 5 bonus points given at 100 receiving yards. My starting WRs are DeAndre Hopkins and AJ Brown. I feel like one of the two Titans will go off vs the Lions, and I'd hate to bench Davis, but Marvin Jones seems like he may get a lot of targets, if only because the Lions will have to throw it a bunch to keep up.
  6. Renfrow has the better matchup, and qb throwing to him. Meyers gets more targets, and the game may be a shootout. I'm leaning Meyers. Thoughts?
  7. Carr has the better matchup, on paper at least. But with news that the Broncos have no QB for tomorrow, one has to imagine the Saints are going to run the ball a **** load, which means a lot of Taysom Hill runs. Whats the play?
  8. I need to choose between Matt Ryan vs Raiders, Derek Carr vs Falcons, or Taysom Hill vs Broncos. If I win, I make the playoffs. If I lose, I can still make the playoffs, but next week I play the #1 team in the league, so I'd prefer to win this week.
  9. Thread title. Both have good matchups, vs each other. Carr has the better matchup, since Atlanta allows the most pts to opposing QBs, but Ryan's matchup vs Vegas is good as well. I'm leaning towards Matt Ryan. Thoughts?
  10. Gotta choose a flex between Goedert, Mike Williams, Jonathan Taylor, Hunter Henry. I'm leaning towards Mike Williams cuz of his ceiling and his matchup. Thoughts?
  11. Haven't been able to find a good description of the difference between the two. Anyone have any idea?
  12. I'm actually 3-2 due to some fortunate schedule luck, so I should be right in the thick of the playoff hunt if CMC comes back soon.
  13. I can either go w the great matchup and Danny dimes, or the relatively consistent production from Fitzmagic.
  14. Thread title. Preston has a better qb throwing to him, but Mike has a better matchup, on paper at least.
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