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  1. I can't say enough about how this dude has impressed me! He has been an every game mainstay in the Jays lineup since the season broke and i'm sold on him now! He is the Jays everyday CF most recently batting at the 7/8 hole since the beginning of the season but now is batting in the 2/4 hole since T. Hernandez went on the Covid list. Batting .321 1HR, 5RBIs, 3 runs before tonight. Currently 2-2 tonight with 3RBIs tonight. In this lineup why wouldn't you give him a look? Only good things to come in my eyes!
  2. I used to use Fantasy Labs but now they charge a fee. I'm sure there are plenty of no fee stat daily lineups for specific batter vs. starting pitcher career stats but just don't know where to start. WHIR Thanks!
  3. Sounds like encouraging news. MRI came back good. Best case scenario is Thurs. start.
  4. I don't see him scheduled for any start in the next week. Are we sure he's in the rotation?
  5. I think he will. Yesterday both Arcia and Urias were in the same lineup. Urias moved to 3B. He has come out pretty hot since dealing with Covid and he is the Brewers future SS. [...]
  6. Batting cleanup today. Hope he has a great game!
  7. Well he definately has more speed than Bryant and Happ used to strike out a lot in his first go around in the MLB but his K ratio has widdled down in the last year. Switch hitting truly would help his chances for leadoff man that can play 2B, 3B & OF. Bryant can play many positions as well but wouldn't you think Bryant would be more suited in a role that gives him more potential for RBI's with his power.
  8. I think Diaz would play 1st and Aguilar would DH. Aguilar is not very athletic.
  9. I've been high on this dude since last season when I saw those progressing numbers. If he does get the call it's not going to be a as bench bat. Take a stab at him at least for your utility spot.
  10. Anyone think Ian Anderson SP Braves will be called up after they just DFA'd Foltynewicz? He is currently Atlanta's 3rd best prospect at 37 overall.
  11. Anyone think Ian Anderson will be called up after they just DFA'd Foltynewicz? He is currently Atlanta's 3rd best prospect at 37 overall.
  12. I think he would be a good lead off man. Switch hitter takes walks playing good. Bryant isn't your prototypical lead off man and Happ has more speed.
  13. Batted 2nd in the lineup today against a righty. 1-4 with a single, walk and run scored. Color me very optimistic hitting behind Tatis and in front of Machado against righties!
  14. I couldn't agree with you more on Dusty and at bats for for Tucker! Dusty is old school and doesn't believe in letting someone with great pedigree get at bats. He has to micro manage every pitcher/batter situation so he's feels he is managing again.
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