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  1. As of right now, Montgomery. If they spend a high draft pick on a rb then I’d go with higgins
  2. Even though you think the starting rb is in a horrible offense, draft them or pick them up. I faded James Robinson, gibson, and gaskin cause I didn’t believe in their offenses can provide reliable rb production either grab an elite tight end or stream until you find a reliable one Don’t play bad defenses even against bad offenses (example playing Texans vs bengals last week) Handcuffing is over rated if you don’t have to stream, don’t stream use your faab and high waiver priority Be ahead on the ww. Pick up players on the bye or coming of the ir earlier be
  3. Snuck into the playoffs at 6-7,despite being the 2nd highest scoring team. I didn’t think I would make it but a few teams pulled out upsets in week 13 which let me get the 6th seed. I beat the third seed, the second seed and the first seed. All three teams demolished me during the regular season. The first seed actually beat me by 90 points one week and 45 another week. I won even though hou defense gave me -9 and koo gave me just 1 point. Taylor, Montgomery and Hollywood won me my games. All three guys I have tried trading throughout the season. I completely bombed the draft, drafting zeke,
  4. Qb allen wr hill wr hollywood wr coutee rb wilson rb montgomery flex taylor te thomas bench qb herbert rb zeke rb gaskin rb pollard wr chark wr r higgins Ir golladay
  5. In default yahoo leagues, hurts scored more than mahomes. In my leagues where int are -2, mahomes scored more
  6. 12 team .5 ppr Qb hurts rb cook rb sanders wr adams Wr woods te kmet flex montgomery def browns k bass bench rb gibson rb fournette rb dobbins rb pollard wr lockett wr coutee ir Julio jones
  7. In my league scoring Houston defense gave me negative 9 points. I didn’t even think that was possible
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