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  1. So he's not coming up 'till June?
  2. Musgrove is performing better than some of the pitchers I drafted in front of him (i.e. Castillo). Not saying they're horrible. Maybe they haven't gotten fully 'warmed' up yet. But drafting this dude as late as I did has been a boon thus far. Will be interesting to see what his draft day price will be next year assuming there's continued success this season.
  3. Picked him 127th overall in a ten-teamer. We'll see.
  4. well, depending on ertz’s situation, i may be deploying andrews today...
  5. ertz. i'd roll with andrews if there wasn't a better option on waivers. my 2 cents. . .
  6. yes. think he'll be required to block more than participate in the passing game. so this week, i'm taking him out of my flex. easier for me since i have another solid TE. that said, i couldn't fault anyone for starting him if they didn't have a better option. . .
  7. Some perts had him ranked in the 2-3 range. I'm sure that drove his ADP further up.
  8. Four backs involved is all I need to see to induce some worriment.
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