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  1. I picked him up in a 16 team league where we play LF/CF/RF. While there isn't much out there on the WW, I read this article which convinced me to pick him up. I got lucky and paying dividends now. I'm not sure how much it is a factor but it does give some reason for optimism outside of just "luck" and "terrible Rangers pitching" which are both true at the moment. https://royalsreporter.com/2020/12/01/will-michael-a-taylor-surprise-royals-fans-in-2021/ Skweres’ most fascinating point, which has also been touched upon in a Royals Review article by Craig Brown, is Tay
  2. I'm interested if there is still a spot available.
  3. I'm interested if there is still a spot available.
  4. Fees? I'm interested but I couldn't see the scoring either.
  5. I like Anderson, then Adell, then McCullers.
  6. My UT spot is open which would allow them to get in the lineup. The only other players on roster that are good in the hitting department are Muncy, Happ, and of course Tatis. The first two are eligible all over and will let me shuffle around lineups easily. Ohtani is one player in my league. My thinking was to get an upgrade for Baez who could play UT and hopefully another position AND another player to fill a roster spot. Baez is currently in the UT spot and unless he got 2B eligibility, he is stuck there.
  7. What would be your #2 and #3 offers? Or should I hold for that and keep Baez otherwise? These offers have all been in chat/email vs officially offered. Just trying to anticipate someone getting cold feet.
  8. 16 team league. 6x6 H2H. Dynasty, keep forever. 25 man roster 30 man minors. Pitching is fine on my roster. Hitting needs help. I don't have much there and can pretty much shuffle guys into the lineup with my utility spot being pretty much vacant. I have Tatis and Baez. Baez now locked into just SS is forcing me to move him. Thoughts on these offers Gallo + Duvall Mitch Keller + Kyle Kopech Biggio + Josh Bell Urshela + Soler Ohtani + Austin Riley Franmil Reyes + Dozier WHIR!
  9. My 2 cents on the thing, ignoring whether or not he should be in because I haven't taken a deep dive on the numbers, is that they should be judging the guy for ON the field stuff. I really don't care about off the field. This whole thing seems like a vendetta because they think they have the moral high ground and have an axe to grind. It rubs me the wrong way like it does with TO in NFL HOF. TO should have been a 1st ballot HOF no contest. Instead the media guys got back at him because of "off the field" and "locker room" angles. A bunch of butthurt pricks getting their petty payback and
  10. I read this before coffee as "Gorman". I thought hmmm, 3B of the future for the 3B of the present. 2 sips later, and a few more brain cells activated and I'm in shock. This seems like they removed their top guys, then told Colorado to "close their eyes, grab a handful of names from this bag" type deal. Then a few years from now can claim they got FIVE, yes FIVE for Arenado! When in reality
  11. Picking up a 25 yard gain to put your team ato the GL and getting roasted for not reaching out with the ball? You even said it yourself with Chubb/Hunt at the goalline. I understand Higgins was trying to make a play, it just ended with the worst possible outcome like we have seen time and time before.
  12. How many teams in your league, and how many players do you get to have on your minors roster? This will largely dictate how far down the rabbit hole you have to go.
  13. I agree with both these points as well. I'd be fine with some sort of cutoff. I do also agree with BBT on this one; that the lists smack of laziness. Take my Tigers for instance. Who considers Mize and Skubal prospects? They were in the rotation last year. They got the 3rd and 4th most innings of any starters. Their positions are not being challenged by FA or other prospects in minors coming up. They are expected to start the season in the rotation. Yes, "technically" they are still in the minors in my fantasy league. If I was paying for or thumbing through a magazine at a store and
  14. Well in this case all the names he mentioned, at least at a glance, are expected to be in the starting lineup on their MLB team. That sort of takes away from them being prospects (aside from technicalities) when we know they have already been called up.
  15. I watch plenty of the games. Think what you want. Lamar is an elite rusher, but he isn't an elite QB. His supporting cast needs to be improved but their is a blueprint to beat him which is becoming more and more obvious.
  16. Rule doesn't bother me. Everyone knows it. I don't know why players keep reaching out with the ball like that and they know the rule too. The exception would be if it is 4th down, 2XP, game on the line with no time left. Go ahead and reach for it. We see this happen numerous times each year and pretty much every time the player has the ball in a compromising player rather than tucked in like normal.
  17. The offense was built around his ability to run, not pass. That is why it is having rapidly diminishing returns. He had 2 carries for 3 yards vs Cincy this year. I don't even care about that point, but you stated there wasn't another game. Plus, it is easy for Lamar to pad rushing stats late even in a losing effort. Yes, they need to address their line. Yes, he needs better receivers. And finally, YES, he needs to throw better. If you think Jackson is a good passing QB right now based off of his stats, I would highly recommend watching him live. Most of the passing isn't pret
  18. Lamar isn't an accurate passer. That is one of his problems. Don't quote me his completion percentage.
  19. Saints have the worst hurry up O. They did this twice this year with Taysom where they casually stroll to the line when they need to be sprinting. NVM Brees INT.
  20. What is your point? You've mentioned it in back to back posts and I'm sure before that. We are aware.
  21. Brees....where is that ball going? Haha that is Kamara's fault! You know why? He thought Brees would go downfield even if he was open!
  22. Sanders elbow is down short of the first down to me.
  23. Leg injury earlier. I'm not sure if he is playing. Looked like a pull in his quad area.
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