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  1. Anyone else surprised by the lack of screens by the Saints? Suddenly it is a game again and nice easy dumpoffs are Brees bread and butter.
  2. That one definitely not Brees fault. Time to get Kamara back in.
  3. Nope. I can see the scoreboard and what I said was the truth. The strength of the Saints D is the front 7. The secondary is exploitable. They have guys you can exploit with the receivers they have.
  4. It is painfully noticeable after watching college the day before. I 100% agree with you.
  5. And I know you know, but the plays were different. One is watching the pylon and right there for the play, and they got "f it, let's call TD and let them reverse it" which is a lot harder than not calling anything.. The other is "not sure" let it ride on a TO, and let replay overturn it. One is making a decision and asking for it to be overidden, vs being unsure and letting replay and making the call.
  6. Hmmmm, someone might want to send a memo to the Vikings that the Saints D has a pretty weak secondary and a pretty stout front 7. I know they just want to run Cook 30 times.
  7. I mean, he did. He was on pace for 320 yards and 8 TD at the end of the first. Now he is just on pace for 200 yards and 6 TD.
  8. Teams shouldn't be allowed to have similar players and how they look. How am I supposed to be able to spot my fantasy guys? Saints shouldn't have #12 with the dreads tricking me for a play.
  9. It is weird. His arm was shot before the injury. He checked down all the time. Sure I bashed him for that but I also knew he was shot. Now the dude want's to pretend he is 22 and sling it downfield every time he sees a guy running deep. It isn't just the picks. It is straight up bad throws into coverage. It is underthrown deep balls. Maybe he watched too much game film of himself and figured he needed to mix in the deep ball and forgot why he hasn't been.
  10. Should have been another pick, dropped by the defense. Good lord Brees. Kamara was open in the same area down the sideline.
  11. I should have looked at that a little more. I kind of blew it off because he stared down and everyone knew where he was going with it and then seeing the receiver surrounded by 3 purple shirts annoyed me. Expecting him to be at least be staring at the wide open guy.
  12. Bree's, what are you doing? Stares down and there wasn't even a window to throw that into.
  13. Is that Ty fricking Montgomery out there running routes?
  14. The person with the clearest view hesitated. Literally right in front of play and kind of looks around to the back judge to save them. Make the call, let them wave you off. This isn't a committee where they just defer to TD because then they get a free review. They want to do that, might as well get rid of them.
  15. I hate these slow reactions from refs where they all go, "idk, was he in?" **looks at other ref** "Idk, maybe?" **signals TD 8 seconds after play**
  16. Thielen lucky he didn't blow his knee out. I hope he is okay. Crossing route where the DB was on the ground where he was headed. Got taken out just above the knees flipped end over end. Walked to sideline trying to act okay, but ouch. Nevermind, one play off, back in now.
  17. Why would any team pass vs this defense? I'm pretty sure Kamara, Murray, and Hill could all have a 100 yard game today.
  18. Is there any explanation (aside from the Benglas are retarded) as to why Bernard is back to "workhorse" role? He fumbled once in the last 7 years, and they pull him. Then his backup butt fumbles for a TD. Then the 3rd stringer got run and we didn't see Bernard back until the 4th. Now he is the focal point of the offense? I can't believe this crap.
  19. Lets see if they fire up some of that clock management from the Eagles game. Too casual. Huddling up there? Not giving themselves any margin for error.
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