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  1. That saints DB jumping 10 yards away from the play instead of going after the QB. SMH. Then a pathetic tackle on Kelce.
  2. So uhhh....is this Kamara guy good? Could they possibly involve him in the passing game going forward? Screens, dump offs, wheel routes?
  3. ....Brees is hopped up on bathsalts or something. Stares into double coverage. No way he didn't see it. He still slings it there. Some kind of ego flex?
  4. It is like he forget that fact. Suddenly he is chucking it deep every chance and passing up the safe checkdowns. 7-22 right now. I don't understand why he is going away from what has worked this year when he has been playing.
  5. Kamara WIDE OPEN out of his cut and Brees throws a low percentage jump ball down the sideline. Now Brees is the deep ball guy? What is going on?
  6. (7:42) C.Akers right guard for 18 yards, TOUCHDOWN NULLIFIED by Penalty. PENALTY on LA-A.Corbett, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at NYJ 14. (4:53) C.Akers up the middle to NYJ 17 for 22 yards (A.Maulet). PENALTY on LA-T.Higbee, Illegal Block Above the Waist, 10 yards, enforced at NYJ 33. I hate the internet. I wouldn't have known this happened 20 years ago unless they were on in my region. Just makes you sick. And now McVay passing up the long FG. I need OT with some Akers TD.
  7. Need one from him or Akers. Akers just had one called back from 18 yards out. I can't take this crap.
  8. As a Kamara owner....... then watching Brees miss him on 2 point conversion
  9. Murray should not run outside the tackles. Taysom Hill out there running routes. **sigh** Brees with a cringer of a throw into triple coverage in middle of endzone.
  10. I swear McVay spends all week designing plays for Woods. Kupp just gets looks as the 2nd progression or gets to run in motion across the formation.
  11. "...why yes, I also love the baconator!" (Approximation of their commentary)
  13. Darnold screwing the Jets out of Lawrence is hilarious.
  14. Mahomes crying for a flag on a clean hit on his WR is annoying. I know everyone cries for flags, it just rubs me the wrong way when anyone does it. Looks like a joke of a flag on that return. Refs suck.
  15. Saints are so absurd. That drive dump off to Hill who drops it. Then screen to Murray. 3rd and long and the quick snap gets a bomb. Get down to GL and instead of up the gut with Kamara, a sweep waaaaaaaaaaaaay outside with Hill. Lucked out that he broke a tackle but such a silly playcall. People aren't surprised when Hill runs it at GL. edit: LOL these refs. It should be in. I need a Kamara TD and will admit that. edit again: Barf, right back to Taysom. You'd think he was the coach's kid.
  16. Rams D got screwed. Yeah, they gave up one long drive but then a blocked punt and an INT on their side of the field didn't help.
  17. (12:11) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass deep middle to M.Evans to ATL 1 for 32 yards (K.Neal) [T.Davison]. TB-M.Evans was injured during the play. Anyone see the play?
  18. Pass happy O that has to be top 3 in NFL in pass attempts. Allen has been hot. Has all his weapons. The Denver secondary is a graveyard of injuries. No weather concerns. Did he say why?
  19. Is Wilkins no longer in the mix? His workload has been declining and I expect the Colts to keep Taylor fresh for the playoffs. Eyeballing him as a PPR flex.
  20. I mean he lined up at QB, but I wouldn't say he really played QB. He had double digit pass attempts 4 times. He ran constantly out of the QB spot. Typical game was something like 20 carries with 5 attempts sprinkled in. He threw for 400 yards, he ran for 1400. He had a 48% completion rate at QB. He averaged more yards per carry than yards per attempt. I get the swiss army knife nature, but his passing is his weakest of the three. Plus, they have Malcolm Perry who also was a QB. When one of the service academy guys has better passing stats than you......
  21. How do they use him? I haven't a Dolphins game where he got much of anything. I know that recently he has been getting use. Is he getting short dump offs? Deep balls? Gadget plays? Looking at it from a PPR and the RB slot perspective.
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