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  1. Texans did same thing in Pats game IIRC. Still had to punt, and I think the difference was 8 yards.
  2. Serious question, why do teams bother with a LB vs a RB? Why not just bring in a DB to spy the RB? Why haven't teams figured out how to adjust to the RB dump off?
  3. IDK how you do it man. Made props. I'm a grumpy zombie when I don't get at least 6.
  4. Fitting. Ravens started the day not knowing how to play. Raiders are going to finish it in the same fashion.
  5. Love that. Pryor top of screen given big cushion, does a stop route, Cousins looks bottom of screen and throws into tighter coverage.
  6. Hey, at least I'd be getting laid. More entertaining than this game.
  7. Pryor likes hitting people and catches passes. Can we give him the ball please? Also, what is Collingsworth dogging him? "Nice play for an inexperienced WR...."
  8. Arena league air attack guy is dink and dunk and power O playcaller now?
  9. What kind of package is that where Pryor isn't out there? Single WR set and they have Doctson out there?
  10. I can see why Pryor is a bit frustrated. He hasn't run any routes really. He doesn't seem to be a focal point in being given the ball. They will happily dink and dunk elsewhere than give him targets.
  11. Antonio Cromartie would have as well. Wait, what are we talking about?
  12. Well Derek and David switched bodies for the first drive I see.
  13. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Let's start the floor at 150 and 3 TDs!
  14. Yeah, he had 2 catches for 3 yards until the last drive or 2nd to last drive. He had a ridiculous 1 catch for -1 yard for the first half. 4th quarter Miami Dolphins at 06:40 1-10-MIA 45 (6:40) (Shotgun) 6-J.Cutler pass incomplete short middle to 14-J.Landry (56-D.Davis). 2-10-MIA 45 (6:35) (Shotgun) 6-J.Cutler pass incomplete short left to 10-K.Stills [94-K.Ealy]. 3-10-MIA 45 (6:31) (Shotgun) 6-J.Cutler sacked at MIA 33 for -12 yards (41-B.Skrine). PENALTY on NYJ-33-Ja.Adams, Taunting, 15 yards, enforced at MIA 33. 1-10-MIA 48 (6:22) (Sh
  15. Bengals are still playing not to lose for the 3rd straight quarter.
  16. Someone tell me what the freak was going on? I didn't see him get hurt, I saw him cycling with Charles. I've never seen a guy come off a big game like last week and fall into a timeshare. Any insight?
  17. Why are the Titans throwing it? Just run the clock.
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