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  1. Somewhat. I'm not sure how he could have gotten there in time considering it was across the formation.
  2. Wilson should have looked at Carson there in the other flats. Was wide open with no one around from the camera angle I saw.
  3. 3rd and 2, Henry killing it...do some derpy rollout and get an incomplete and stop the clock
  4. Henry will probably get the 4th quarter to himself. Maybe grind out a TD.
  5. I feel like the Packers offensive strategy is always one RB in shotgun or empty. Play the dump off, WR's run super deep routes that take too long to develop. If it wasn't for Rodgers McCarthy would have been fired years ago.
  6. Was just getting going, and Seattle still kept keying on him lol didn't bother covering WR's
  7. Good lord Romo, don't need to hear you moaning on air.
  8. Please be Carson, please be Carson, please be Carson.
  9. That was an awful call. What a great block by being in the way on the return, and he gets called.
  10. Ty Montgomery hurt. Looked like a knee injury, tweaked on cut/while tackled by sideline.
  11. Yeah, a run to the right side around midfield. One of the lineman was on the ground (not sure which team) he got tripped up trying to go over. Wasn't much of a hole, but instead of 2 yards, he may have been able to get 4.
  12. They are bringing in large lineman on obvious run plays to counter Titans and Henry. Need to disguise it a bit better and not be so obvious.
  13. Sherman lost his mind. I'd have him ejected after he kept going after the linesman. What was he saying? That was ridiculous.
  14. Run whatever narrative you want. Buck didn't get the run, so that was the catalyst? Okay sure. First three drives were punts. The more he got involved, the more they turned it over. Buck = Turnovers.
  15. Uh what? The Ravens got nothing going and Buck touched the ball more than anyone in the first half. The Ravens sucked, got down early, and clearly were unprepared.
  16. Jacksonville should be resting their starters at this point. Which means they won't, and will lose a couple starters in a blowout.
  17. LOL Watson doing the first down motion there, that was the original LOS buddy. Poor guy.
  18. LOL, that was the most high school like setup. Bortles stared down Lewis pre-snap like a cheerleader, and the Ravens just let him do it.
  19. Sadly no. I assume go on it every 4th down, and the team may go for 2 every time as well.
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